Dutch national garden bird count results


House sparrow



Great tit





4 Pimpelmees Blue tit 77,666
5 Vink Chaffinch 69,775
6 Kauw Jackdaw 59,524
7 Turkse tortel Collared dove 45,713
8 Ekster Magpie 35,593
9 Roodborst Robin 35,377
10 Houtduif Wood pigeon 33,910

At the top of this blog post are the top ten bird species, counted during the national garden bird count in the Netherlands, on 16 and 17 January 2016.

There were more than twice as many bramblings as last year. There were also more chiffchaffs: this species usually migrates south in autumn, but the mild winter weather so far probably induced quite some birds to stay.

Some rare species were seen: Siberian lesser whitethroat; long-tailed rosefinch; and Oriental turtle dove.

See also here.

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