British pro-nuclear weapons politician changes his mind

This video from Britain is called Corbyn’s Trident arguments are compelling – Keith Vaz MP.

By Luke James in Britain:

Vaz: Jeremy has changed my mind on Trident

Saturday 16th January 2016

Senior backbencher boosts Corbyn’s chances of overturning Labour support for pricey cold war relics

JEREMY CORBYN’S chances of overturning Labour’s controversial support for Trident renewal have been boosted by unexpected support from senior backbencher Keith Vaz.

The Leicester East MP, who has previously voted in favour of retaining Britain’s nuclear weapons system, says the Labour leader’s arguments have changed his mind on disarmament.

In an interview

see video at the top of this blog post

to be broadcast today on Russia Today, Mr Vaz says: “I support Jeremy Corbyn’s line on this, I think he has persuaded me.

“He’s made it very clear when he’s prime minister he’s not going to be able to use these weapons so what’s the point of having them.”

The member of Parliament’s national security committee reveals his change of heart just a day after Labour formally launches its defence policy review.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson commended Mr Vaz for taking an “open-minded approach and engaging with the arguments” for and against Trident.

She told the Star: “That is all we ask from Labour MPs and Labour Party members — that they go into their defence review willing to listen to other views and open to shaking off their preconceptions about nuclear weapons and their utility — or not — for Britain’s security.”

Emily Thornberry, who does not support Trident, will lead the review after replacing pro-nuke Maria Eagle as shadow defence secretary last week.

She insisted yesterday that she had not prejudged the conclusion, which will be published in June ahead of the parliamentary vote on Trident renewal.

“It will be open, transparent and inclusive — and its conclusions will be based on the evidence,” she said.

“At every stage of the process, we will give full scope to the wide range of views on this subject in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.”

Defence specialists, NGOs and the armed forces, as well as Labour affiliates, will be invited to submit their views.

Responses to Labour’s defence review can be made at

3 thoughts on “British pro-nuclear weapons politician changes his mind

  1. The fact that Britain and others of this ilk illustrates the defensive thinking of those in power having to resort to militaristic and police both culpable of deceit, lies and serious crime such as murder on not just on a individual scale but also on mass, having to resort to a campaign of raising huge taxation from the public and the public are not able to afford the money for this indulgence and is increasing borrowed money from sources that are of a dubious nature with regards to any ethical or moral code? most important is for some centuries been at war and having violent conflicts world wide? this violence is a result of a nation being lead by a few individuals whom are in my opinion having a brain hard wired in a reptilian connection leading most astray with their folly of indulgent behavior and most important as a result of this stupidity has created a state that requires constant militaristic defense some would call this state of affairs as bad karma.
    The problem for some who believe the intention of the elite and also many collaborators are they have to live in this world of idiots who understand little if not any other possibility of a greater vision, often classified as unrealistic or dreamers and so on with their put downs who can only see death, destruction as the real world?


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