Veteran helps four-year-old refugee girl, doesn’t get five years jail

This video by British veteran Rob Lawrie, recorded in Calais, France, says about itself:

Calais “The Truth”

10 October 2015

My photos, their story.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Judges lenient on aid worker who wanted to help refugee

Friday 15th January 2016

BRITISH aid worker Rob Lawrie who attempted to smuggle an Afghan child out of the Calais refugee camp was granted clemency by a French judge yesterday.

The former soldier avoided jail for up to five years after attempting to reunite four-year-old Bahar Ahmadi with her relatives in Britain.

He was given a suspended fine of €1,000 (£750) for “endangering” the life of the child.

Outside a Boulogne court Mr Lawrie said: “Compassion has been in the dock here.

“I’m going to raise the profile (of refugees) even more because we cannot simply leave these children.

“We need to get these children now and into our education system because these guys are going to be doctors and lawyers and teachers if we get them now and educate them correctly.

“Or we can leave them in the Jungle to rot and die of cold.”

Following the news of Mr Lawrie’s trial, friend and fellow Calais volunteer Janie Mac told the Star: “Everybody here in the camp has been waiting for such good news.

“Any one of us would do the same thing, he only did what was right.

“A lot of people have been waiting for an outcome of this kind because a lot of children are on site with no parents.

“A lot of people have been waiting for the result of this case so we know how we can proceed.

“A lot more people will be willing to take the risk because we all have children here, we all want them homed.”

The Jungle is currently facing a part-demolition by French authorities with aid workers warning of imminent rebellion by the thousands of migrants living inside the Calais camp.

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