Rare black ‘grey’ seal on Dutch Ameland island

Ameland black seal, photo by Bert Meerstra

Nature Today in the Netherlands reports today (translated):

14 January 2016 – The Wadden Unit made a special observation on the Wadden Sea. During an inspection tour along the Blauwe Balg, a sandbank between Terschelling and Ameland islands, the crew of motor ship De Krukel discovered a pair of gray seal pups. One of them turned out to be jet black; it was an animal with melanism.

Melanin is a pigment and black animals that stand out from their peers for their colour have an excess of melanin. It is like the opposite of an albino. …

[Krukel crew member] Meerstra is hopeful that this animal has a bright future. ‘This animal is in good health and will hopefully live for a long time.’

Terschelling island seals: here.

4 thoughts on “Rare black ‘grey’ seal on Dutch Ameland island

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