Racist violence in Cologne, Germany

This 8 January 2015 video is about an anti-fascist demonstration in Cologne, Germany; against attacks on women and against racists trying to profit from them.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Foreigners attacked in Cologne

Today, 00:37

In the center of Cologne yesterday in two incidents foreigners have been attacked. The victims were Pakistanis and a Syrian, local media report.

At the beginning of the evening six Pakistanis were attacked by a group of twenty men. Two Pakistanis were taken to hospital for treatment.

Shortly afterwards a Syrian was attacked in the city by ten Germans. He was wounded, but did not need to be treated.

Police suspect this violence is by neo-nazis. These nazis want revenge for the theft and sexual harassment in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Crimes of which no one knows yet who perpetrated them. Extremely probably, these Pakistanis and this Syrian, now injured by racists, had nothing to do with them.

An anti-refugee demonstration in Cologne in which extreme right organisations Pegida and Hogesa had tried to cash in on revulsion against anti-women crimes, had been stopped after the racist hooligans threw firecrackers and bottles at the police.

Sexism is not a foreign import—German socialists respond to Cologne attacks. Dozens of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Germany. But rather than connecting the events to everyday sexist violence, politicians and the media have turned to stoking up racism. Silke Stöckle and Marion Wegscheider respond in this article.

ATTACKS on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were “intolerable,” Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said yesterday, but “nothing excuses” retaliatory assaults on immigrants. Mr Seibert’s comments followed gang attacks on a group of Pakistanis and a Syrian in the city on Sunday: here.

15 thoughts on “Racist violence in Cologne, Germany

  1. Monday 11th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Police hem in fascist Pegida as left protests at sex attack backlash

    by Our Foreign Desk

    GERMANY’S far-right Pegida group clashed with police and anti-fascists in Cologne on Saturday as Chancellor Angela Merkel called for law-breaking refugees to be deported.

    Police said that around 1,700 Pegida thugs had been kept apart from 1,300 counter-demonstrators in simultaneous protests outside the city’s main railway station.

    A police spokeswoman said around half the Pegida crowd were from the “hooligan scene.”

    Pegida banners read: “RAPEfugees not welcome,” and: “Integrate barbarity?” while anti-fascists chanted: “Nazis out.”

    Police responded with pepper spray and water cannon when Pegida members pelted them with bottles and fireworks.

    The anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim campaign, formed in late 2014, was capitalising on outrage over a series of assaults on women in the city on New Year’s Eve — blamed on newly arrived refugees.

    Earlier, hundreds of women’s rights activists gathered outside Cologne’s landmark cathedral to rally against the New Year’s Eve violence.

    “It’s about making clear that we will not stop moving around freely here in Cologne, and to protest against victim-bashing and the abuse of women,” said resident Ina Wolf.

    Ms Merkel announced that her Christian Democratic Union party had approved a proposal on Saturday to seek stricter laws regulating asylum-seekers.

    Under current German law, asylum-seekers can be deported if they are convicted and sentenced to more that three years in prison — but only if their lives are not at risk in their home country.

    Ms Merkel said that the proposals in the so-called Mainz declaration, which will be discussed with her coalition partners and would need parliamentary approval, would help Germany deport “serial offenders” convicted of lesser crimes.



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