37 thoughts on “British government’s war on disabled people

  1. Cameron reveals who he works for the rich who are sick, their disease cannot be cured by a doctor as it not recognized as a disease that has been identified as such, they are uncomfortable with their riches and believe that their cure lies with more money? bu it is never enough, further the delusion is the cure is with the poor and those who are seen as disabled, the rich are similar to animal species of the lower order they kill the diseased and put hem out of their discomfort, these days we see many humans who are not considered holistic such as Hawkins who make significant contributions often because they are seen as being disabled and they work hard to contribute more so than many deemed as being well.
    The problem with the rich is they being deluded their perception of reality is so distorted that the not only destroy people and environment but worst are responsible for most of the damage planet having little or no ability to see pur planet is the richest thing we have and if you are intelligent enough you will soon understand their is little escape to another world within the possibility of physical escape to another world, if scientists promote this idea you do not have to be a genius to know this is not so and is political manipulation by some scientists for reasons of their own such as having a job?

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