16 thoughts on “Britain’s disastrous wars and Jeremy Corbyn

  1. Surprising so many got it years later after the attack that was a contrived indulgence of the colonist powers and there propaganda campaign based on lies that produced the deaths of many innocent individuals and huge cost to our planet orchestrated by those who are at present in power remarkable in so far the controllers are ever present to present deceit that having the ability to potentially and likely to present the next lies? many have little doubt the present governments of the Imperialist nations are not to be trusted now and in the future, as can be seen are a terrorist organization that those who are intelligent enough have a moral duty to resist those who destroy innocent lives and cost the planet and most of its citizens huge cost that most likely will never recoup the damage of the past and present violence? whilst drugs are at present in a state of consideration little is on the agenda as to how we define drugs? such as money and the addiction of this obsession and craving is? often causing death of individuals or worst death and destruction on a wide scale such as war? yet having all the characteristics of drugs are not part of the definition of drugs.


  2. Saturday 9th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    LESLEY DOCKSEY looks at how the vitriol and double-speak aimed at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has been encouraged by a minority of malcontents within his own party

    Can you remember how so many people felt — waking up on the day after the general election last May — hearing that the Tories had “won” the election? That the majority was small and that they had done it on the support of less than 25 per cent of the electorate was no comfort.

    The fact was that the country faced five years of unchecked Tory ideology, favouring the rich by hitting the rest of us.

    It was like being kicked in the gut.

    I know I was not alone in my despair, my inability to watch any news on television, hear it on radio or read it in the papers.

    The promised dismantling of all that made Britain a relatively kind, fair place to live was too painful to face. The Tories’ glee was both disgusting and juvenile. It took days for our brains to get back into gear, for our anger to rise above the ashes so we could start to fight back.

    Spirits rose from the moment Jeremy Corbyn entered the Labour leadership race. Thousands regained their hopes, rejoined the Labour Party or signed up as supporters. The more the remnants of the Blairite clique mouthed dire warnings of the utter ruination and death of the Labour Party, the more people climbed on board.

    But the day after Corbyn became leader the fight to get rid of him started. Labour MPs were promising to unseat him — I was going to say “left, right and centre,” but that was patently not so.

    Anyone, whether Labour MP, party member or just the man in the street who supported Corbyn was labelled as “hard left.” And we still are, even though we know we’re not.

    Day by day there has been a constant drip, drip of “stories” against Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and others on his team, fed by anonymous Labour MPs and seized by an avid media which, being almost totally right-wing, were as desperate to topple Corbyn as the Blairites.

    That he has doubled the party membership doesn’t matter. That the majority of Labour Party members support him doesn’t matter. Indeed, one MP tried to say the membership was irrelevant — it was the constituents who had voted for Labour MPs. Yet, whether members or constituents, the fact a majority of the British people actually support many of the policies Corbyn advocates also apparently doesn’t matter.

    When he reached his first 100 days as leader, there was an orgy of regurgitated stories about all the things he did “wrong” — like not singing the national anthem, even though photos showed that several others standing around also had their mouth shut.

    He “wasn’t going to bow to the Queen,” even though it turned out not to be mandatory. And so on, and on.

    The Tories really didn’t have to do anything. Those Labour MPs who didn’t want a return to decent values, who didn’t give a toss about their members and who didn’t want to lose their cosy “status” were welcomed with open arms by the media. Stories and exclusives were and are the order of the day.

    And then came the reshuffle, headlined weeks before the fact, based on rumours and those unnamed sources, pored over and picked apart before it ever happened. One would have thought Corbyn was going to appoint a whole new team.

    One or two shadow ministers were relocated. Two got sacked for “disloyalty.”

    So screamed the press, pointing out that the MPs in question had “always followed the party whip.” But was that where they were disloyal? Corbyn and McDonnell being the decent people they are would never make this public, but was the disloyalty based on all those disclosures to the media by “unnamed sources”?

    And one shadow minister resigned on air — and the media went wild. But, according to the website Pride’s Purge, the editor of the Daily Politics show Andrew Alexander wrote on his blog that this was not only arranged by the BBC to take place just before Prime Minister’s Questions, it was their idea.

    Alexander wrote: “…We took a moment to watch the story ripple out across news outlets and social media. Within minutes we heard David Cameron refer to the resignation during his exchanges with Jeremy Corbyn.

    “During our regular debrief after coming off air at 1pm we agreed our job is always most enjoyable when a big story is breaking — but even more so when it’s breaking on the programme.”

    This has now been removed from Alexander’s blog.

    The enemy has made itself very visible. We, the citizens of this country, are facing something which can only be called deliberately evil in its intent to control our lives to our detriment. This is what we have to fight and go on fighting, if we the people are to survive.

    How Corbyn and his allies keep their cool under all this onslaught is only to be admired and supported because the enemy within the Labour Party is, as McDonnell hinted, made up of just a few MPs. Many, sadly, are still sitting on the fence waiting to see which way the wind blows.

    They need to be reminded that the majority is with Corbyn. They need to be reminded that their enemy is not Corbyn but Tory ideology. They need to be reminded that it is the Tories they have to fight, not their own party.

    The storm of sheer nastiness from those who oppose the Labour leader is based on one thing — that what his vision offers is a huge threat to those who hold power.

    Should it be realised it will mean that for the first time the people — not power and money — will be running the country.

    The Tories, the media and the Blairites are terrified.

    Let’s keep them that way. Frightened people make mistakes.



    • What we need to acknowledge is the ability of a minority to manipulate the interests of the majority in creating a mind set to control the public against their own interests of living in a society shaking off the fears that having been given a prescription that what is good for them is become sick and to maintain power for those who have one interest to destroy the health and well being of most people?
      The propaganda of the media that control the perceptions of the many also the membership of the Universities in becoming educated in their studies also and most important that you as a graduate if the adoption of a attitude that is a air of superiority and authority that intimidates those who are to be ruled will become all part of the club that will give you status, fine housing, and a level of income that the ruled can only dream of, the question is if you join the club our exclusive club you can have all the benefits of what the oppressed desire but will never attain? it is our job to if necessary to kill either in a physical sense or destroy the integrity of the individual of self by our method of overt or covert violence.


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