Hedgehog and slug, video

This video shows a hedgehog feeding.

It thinks a slug is too slimy.

Frank Veenendaal in the Netherlands made this video.

4 thoughts on “Hedgehog and slug, video

    • Hi Mary, according to Wikipedia, the slime of snails has multiple uses:

      The mucus secreted by the foot contains fibres that help prevent the slug from slipping down vertical surfaces. The “slime trail” a slug leaves behind has some secondary effects: other slugs coming across a slime trail can recognise the slime trail as produced by one of the same species, which is useful in finding a mate. Following a slime trail is also part of the hunting behaviour of some carnivorous slugs.[3] Body mucus provides some protection against predators, as it can make the slug hard to pick up and hold by a bird’s beak, for example, and the mucus itself can be distasteful.[9] Some species of slug, such as Limax maximus, secrete slime cords to suspend a pair during copulation.


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      • When I was about 7 years old, I was walking barefoot in the kitchen at night without the lights on. Suddenly, I stepped on something that felt like a piece of a banana, and I wondered who dropped it and left it there. But when I turned on the light, I saw that I had stepped on a slug. It took me a long time and lots of soap to try and get the slimy stuff off my foot. I was sorry for the slug and wishing it had been a piece of banana instead. Among other things, a squished banana would have been easy to clean up!


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