Australian sheep Sheila not dead, 22kg of wool

This 4 January 2016 video from Australia says about itself:

Tasmanian sheep narrowly misses record

Sheila the sheep was found stuck in a culvert after escaping from her farm in 2010.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Sheep, presumed dead, supplies nearly 22 kilos of wool

Today, 12:25

For six years it was thought that she was dead, but recently the Australian sheep Sheila was found along the side of the road. After all these years she has been sheared for the first time. Yield: nearly 22 kilos of wool.

Since 2010, Sheila was wandering around in the wilderness of the state Tasmania. When the sheep was found, she was not able to stand up, said Peter Jones, who found the animal. “She winked at me. It was clear that she was not dead, so I tried to get her back on her feet.”


It is noteworthy that the sheep had been for so long walking around while loose, says correspondent Robert Portier. “The sheep are let loose in nature. They find their own food there. Once in a while they are driven together and sheared. It’s very rare that a sheep can for so many years stay out of the hands of the farmer.”

That the animal is still alive, is special, he says. “The large amount of wool that the sheep carries with it may result in inflammations. The chance of a sheep surviving that is very small.”

No record

The amount of wool resulting from shearing Sheila is no record. The record is the sheep Chris’. He also ran around in nature for six years before he was sheared. That resulted in 42.45 kilos of wool.

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