Vegan butcher shop opening in Minnesota, USA

This February 2018 video from the USA is called The Herbivorous Butcher, All Vegan Butcher Shop.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

A man called Kale is about to open a vegan butcher that sells ‘meat-free meat

Posted 5 hours ago by Josh Barrie

Have you ever heard of a vegan butcher? One is about to exist. It’ll sell meat-free meat and cheese-free cheese. …

A world first, the idea is the work of a man called Kale (no, really), and his sister Aubry Walch. They raised over £40,000 through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The ‘Herbivorous Butcher’ sells plant-based ‘meats’ such as Italian sausage and BBQ ribs – but rather than using the more typical, traditional animals to craft their produce, Kale and Aubry use ingredients like chickpeas and tapioca.

Contrary to the Independent item, it may be a first for the USA, but not completely ‘a world first’.

This July 2014 Dutch video is about a vegetarian butcher in the Netherlands. They opened their first shop in 2010.

Meet the butcher shop that sells no meat.

This Startup Is Printing 3-D Vegan Faux Meat — And It’s Kosher: here.

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