Singer Natalie Cole, RIP

This 2012 music video is called Natalie Cole LIVE – Unforgettable; a computer generated duet with her father, the late Nat King Cole.

From the Daily Record in Scotland:

Singer Natalie Cole dies aged 65: Musician and daughter of Nat King Cole passes away

16:53, 1 Jan 2016
Updated 17:22, 1 Jan 2016

By Rebecca Pocklington

The star, who had hits including This Will Be and Unforgettable, reportedly fell ill at the end of last year and was forced to cancel several live tour dates

Singer Natalie Cole has died aged 65.

The famed musician and daughter of star Nat King Cole reportedly passed away in a Los Angeles hospital after cancelling a series of live tour dates due to illness recently.

According to TMZ, the singer died from congestive heart failure, but suffered from several health issues with complications from a kidney transplant and Hepatitis C also contributing.

Natalie also suffered from liver disease and received chemotherapy in 2008 for Hepatitis C. …

Tributes have poured in and Rev. Jesse Jackson tweeted on New Year’s Day: “#NatalieCole, sister beloved & of substance and sound. May her soul rest in peace. #Inseperable.”

Tragically her father died before Natalie began her solo career, but she continue[d] to soar to success. …

She won an incredible nine Grammys from 21 nominations over her career, including the Best New Artist Grammy.

Cole was married three times and leaves behind a son, Robert Adam “Robbie” Yancy, from her first marriage to producer Marvin Yancy.

9 thoughts on “Singer Natalie Cole, RIP

  1. Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    Rest In Peace to the two legendary incredible singers Nat King Cole and her late daughter Natalie Cole. Nat King Cole died in February 15, 1955. She has the beautifullest voice. Her duet “Unforgetable” with her late dad Nat King Cole will alaways be my favorite. Natalie Cole will be missed.


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