Saving a squirrel from drowning in Missouri, USA

This video by Tony Weiss from the USA says about itself:

Surveying flooding in Fenton MO on 12-30-2015 where the Meramec river is at a historic all time high crest near 44ft. I saw this little guy jump and try to swim for a bigger tree for safety but the current was just too strong. You can see him jump from the tree in front of me and start swimming but the current was quickly pulling him downstream. I know squirrels don’t understand English but I couldn’t help but yell out some positive encouragement.

While there are dangerous and lethal flooding problems in Missouri and elsewhere in the USA, at least this bit of positive news on this squirrel.

Over the past four weeks at least 24 people have been killed by near-record flooding along the Mississippi River, caused by extensive storms throughout the central United States. An estimated 17 million people live in areas placed under flood warning, according to a report last week by the National Weather Service, or around 5 percent of the population of the entire country: here.

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