Refugees welcome at skating in Dutch Ede

Learning to skate is not easy in the beginning, photo: ANP

The skating club in Ede, Gelderland province, in the Netherlands announced today that refugees are welcome at the local skating rink IJsbaan Centrum.

In the afternoons, they can get skating lessons from the honorary chairman of the club, Theo van de Rijt. He expects people to learn skating within three days.

Yesterday, refugees in Ede had been invited to swimming in the local pool. However, this was cancelled at the last minute. It seems because of fears about safety after a racist had threatened in a letter to local paper De Edese Post with anti-refugee violence like in Geldermalsen town.

Let us hope that all refugees wanting to skate will be able to without racist threats. And that all refugees wanting to swim will be able to as well.

Racist tide in the Netherlands encounters opposition: here.

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