Demonstration for peace in Turkey, Amsterdam, tomorrow

This video says about itself:

Alarm sounded over Kurdish civilian casualties in operation Turkey says is targeting militants

22 December 2015

Kurdish groups are sounding the alarm over rising civilian casualties as the Turkish army intensifies a large-scale operation it says is targeting militants in the country’s southeast.

Tanks have been filmed pounding positions in the town of Cizre, where residents have been under a curfew for weeks and where basic supplies are running low.

Tens of thousands have fled their homes in numerous locations where the operation is taking place.

Recently, the Erdogan government in Turkey ordered the Turkish armed forces to commit violence against Kurdish and other civilians. Violence in Iraq. Violence in Syria. And violence within the borders of Turkey itself.

Kurdish organisations in the Netherlands call on people to participate in a demonstration in Amsterdam to stop that violence and to have peace.

The demonstration starts at noon 12 o’clock on 26 December 2015, at the Beursplein square, and finishes on the Museumplein square.

The slogans of the demonstration are (translated):

Let us unite for peace and democracy in Kurdistan and Turkey!

Give peace a chance!

Kurds have a right to self-government!

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  2. Protestmars tegen stagnatie vredesproces tussen Koerden en Turken

    Een lange stoet demonstranten beweegt zich zaterdagmiddag van het Beursplein richting het Museumplein. De protestmars is georganiseerd door de federatie van Koerden (Fedkom) en vraagt aandacht voor de stagnerende vredesonderhandelingen tussen Koerdistan en Turkije.

    Ruim achthonderd mensen hebben zich in het centrum van de stad verzameld, zo laat een ooggetuige weten. Op de Facebook-pagina van de organisatie is te lezen waarom een protestmars nodig is. Zo schrijven ze over ‘de nieuwe golf van geweld die is ingezet door Erdogan en de AKP.’ Erdogans boodschap is volgens Fedkom duidelijk: ‘Zij die alleenheerschappij ondersteunen zijn gevrijwaard van alle ellende, zij die hier nee tegen zeggen zijn letterlijk en figuurlijk een doelwit.’

    De Koerden en sympathisanten die meelopen in deze protestmars vragen de Nederlandse regering aandacht te besteden aan het stagnerende vredesproces.

    Bron: Het Parool 26-12-2015


  3. Monday 11th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    THE Human Rights Foundation of Turkey announced on Saturday that 162 civilians had been killed since August in renewed fighting with Kurdish separatists.

    Thirty-two children, 29 women and 24 elderly people were among those killed in cities under 24-hour security curfews.

    A heavy-handed police and army crackdown on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has turned the predominantly Kurdish south-east of Turkey into a warzone once again.

    Turkish authorities claimed that 426 PKK guerillas had been killed in ongoing operations in the towns of Cizre and Silopi and in Diyarbakir’s Sur district.

    A two-year ceasefire and peace talks broke down following the July 20 Islamic State (Isis) suicide bombing of a socialist youth rally in the southern city of Suruc.

    The 33 young volunteers killed were on their way to help rebuild the Syrian Kurdish border city of Kobane.

    Backed by revelations of arms-for-oil shipments run by intelligence agents, the PKK accused the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government of colluding with Isis and retaliated with attacks on police.

    – The official Anadolu Agency reported on Saturday that three suspects in the assassination of Syrian journalist Naji al-Jarf had been arrested.

    Pro-opposition Hinta magazine editor Mr Jarf was gunned down in the streets of Gaziantep city in December — the third Syrian journalist killed in Turkey in the past few months.

    He had reportedly received death threats after making a documentary about Isis atrocities in his home country.


  4. Neighborhoods in Silopi under heavy bombardment

    As an onslaught under name of curfew continues in Şırnak’s Silopi district for the 20th day, state forces have started a heavy bombardment against the neighborhoods protected by local self-defense units.

    Attacks on Barbaros, Başak and Zap neighborhoods have intensified after state forces’ continued failure to enter the areas of self-rule where popular resistance led by youths endures with determination.

    Residents are trying to find shelter in safe areas as the neighborhoods, which house thousands, are being targeted by heavy fire from tanks and armored vehicles that have surrounded the area under curfew. Many have taken shelter in basements to protect themselves from ongoing attacks to which local units of self-defense are responding.

    In the meantime, bodies of 6 civilians killed by state forces are being held in houses and mosques as people are not enabled to bury their dead and are conserving them with ice to avoid decomposition. The names of these murdered civilians, who include three minors, are; Mehmet Mete (10), Axîn Kanat (16), Reşit Eren (17), Şiyar Özbek (25), Hasan Sanır (75) and Seyfettin Sidar (30).

    A total of 17 civilians have been killed during the 20 days of the onslaught which is being participated by thousands of police and soldiers who are supported by dozens of tanks and armored vehicles. The ongoing popular resistance in neighborhoods is going on as people continue protecting their areas with trenches and barricades.

    On the other hand, state forces continue raiding and plundering civilian houses and properties across the town, most recently in Yeşiltepe neighborhood where civilian Hacı İbrahim Kayek’s hardware store has been attacked, raided and plundered by police and soldiers.

    Kayek said members of Turkish forces also seized all the goods in his store and another shop near his. He added that police teams raided his neighbor’s house and seized their money and golds, in addition to torturing the household for hours. He added that state forces have turned the hospital into a headquarter, and emergency teams are not going to neighborhoods to help the wounded in order not to not risk their own lives.

    Source: ŞIRNAK – ANF 03-01-2016


  5. Turkish document of massacre: Our state is in a difficult period

    An official document has been revealed detailing the background of the blatant massacre committed by Turkish state forces against the civilian population in North Kurdistan.

    With the impositions of curfews since after the general election of 7 June, state forces have been executing unprecedented atrocity on civilians in Kurdish towns, which has left hundreds of people dead so far.

    A classified document numbered “84933840-3000-350-15” with the subject “Soldiers’ Authority To Use Arms And Vigilance of Personnel” is seen to have been issued by Cizre/Şırnak 3rd Tank Battalion Command affiliated to 172nd Armored Brigade Deputy Command of Land Forces Command on 30 July 2015.

    The six-point official document openly instructs soldiers to use arms against civilians, on which it kind of promises impunity. The document which encourages troops to use arms gives the following instructions to the Turkish forces operating in Kurdish towns;

    1- Soldiers’ authority to use arms is described in the attachment.

    2- Troop commanders shall once again notify and teach all personnel about their authorities to use arms.

    3-All personnel shall be notified and taught that they are to retaliate against every ambush, sabotage, harassment and attacks with fire.

    4- No personnel shall forget not even a moment that any personnel’s restraint from using arms for fear of prosecution might have very grave consequences, result in martyrs on our side, endanger the survival of the state and nation, help traitors, terrorists and enemies of the state feel themselves more powerful.

    5- All personnel shall adopt that prosecution is to be preferred over going into the coffin as a result of a treacherous attack.

    6- The instruction shall be conveyed to all personnel who shall be vigilant without letting it go out of their mind that our state is going through a difficult period.

    Source: NEWS DESK – ANF 05-01-2016


  6. İrmez: Three Kurdish woman politicians were deliberately executed

    HDP Şırnak MP Aycan İrmez said DBP Assembly member Sêvê Demir, Silopi People’s Assembly co-chair Pakize Nayır and KJA activist Fatma Uyar were deliberately executed by state forces.

    It came out yesterday that DBP Assembly member Sêvê Demir, Silopi People’s Assembly co-chair Pakize Nayır and KJA activist Fatma Uyar were among the four people murdered by state forces in Şırnak’s Silopi district the day before. Body of another slain civilian killed alongside them is yet to be identified. The four people were killed as state forces opened heavy and random fire on civilians in Karşıyaka neighborhood for hours on Monday.

    Casualties were revealed only after the bodies of four slain civilians were brought to Silopi State Hospital yesterday.

    HDP Şırnak MP Aycan İrmez described the killing of these four people -3 of whom are prominent Kurdish woman politicians- as deliberate execution.

    İrmez said she first learned about the incident when people called and told her that police opened cross fire on a group of people who included DBP PM member Sêvê Demir and got wounded in Karşıyaka neighborhood.

    “We tried to reach her but we couldn’t. Then I called 112 emergency service but that didn’t help either, because the emergency service for Silopi had been linked to the emergency service in Batman.


    İrmez said she later called Silopi State Hospital, Ministry of Health and even Turkish Medical Association, but wasn’t answered by anyone. On the other hand, Turkish officials told that they would by no means send ambulance to the area because of the “armed people there”.


    HDP MP said they also called Şırnak Governor and told him about the situation, but the governor disallowed an ambulance on alleged grounds of clashes in the area. İrmez stressed that these 3 Kurdish woman and the other unidentified civilian would have survived if an ambulance had been sent to retrieve them from the scene.

    İrmez said the HDP deputies in Şırnak went to the hospital to see that faces of all the four were in pieces and unrecognizable, while Demir, Nayor and Uyar could be recognized from their hair. İrmez underlined that;

    “Everything is happening within the knowledge of the state. Our friends were executed and tortured deliberately. This is barbarity.”


    Pointing out that the three Kurdish women played a leading role in the Kurdish movement, İrmez described their death as a major loss for the Kurdish movement, and likened it to the murder of Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez in French capital Paris three years ago. “The perpetrators are same. Still, if they think they can finish us by executing our women and children, they are wrong. We will follow in their footsteps and wage a struggle until their goals are made real.”

    Source: ŞIRNAK – ANF 06-01-2016


  7. Saturday 16th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    TURKISH police rounded up 18 academics yesterday in a crackdown on opposition to war with Kurdish separatists.

    The Anadolu news agency said 15 academics from Kocaeli University in north-western Turkey and three from Uludag University in the neighbouring province of Bursa were detained for questioning.

    Those arrested were among more than 1,000 Turkish and international scholars who signed a declaration denouncing military operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the country’s south-east.

    Prosecutors have also launched investigations into the academics on possible charges of insulting the state and engaging in “terrorist propaganda” on behalf of the outlawed PKK.

    Several other universities instigated probes into faculty members who also signed the declaration, according to Anadolu, which could lead to their dismissal.

    The arrests came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan severely criticised the signatories, including left-wing US linguist Noam Chomsky, and called on the judiciary to act against their “treachery.”

    In the declaration, the academics said they refused to be “a party to the crime” and called on the government to halt the “massacre.”

    Mr Erdogan said the statement was biased against the state, used the same language used by “terrorists” and did not speak out against the PKK’s violence.

    Speaking after praying at Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, site of Tuesday’s suicide bombing blamed on Isis, Mr Erdogan renewed his attack on the intellectuals.

    “Just because they have titles such as professor, doctor in front of their names does not make them enlightened. These are dark people,” he said.

    “They are villain and vile because those who side with the villains are villain themselves.”

    Hundreds have died since a two-year ceasefire and talks with the PKK broke down in July over allegations of government collaboration with Islamic State (Isis) terrorists.

    Curfews imposed on majority Kurdish cities by police and troops ahead of November’s snap general election — in which the pro-Kurdish HDP party lost seats it gained in June — has yet to be lifted.

    Local activists say more than 160 civilians have been killed under the emergency measures. The government claims to have killed over 400 PKK guerillas in Turkey and air strikes in neighbouring Iraq.


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