Small-spotted catshark baby born soon?

This 2014 video from Ecomare museum on Texel island in the Netherlands shows small-spotted catshark embryos moving inside their eggs.

Translated from the blog of Jedilda Sluis, employee of the Ecomare aquarium, 24 December 2015:

There is a small-spotted catshark in the making! It is still a very small embryo, but one can already discern its tail. I went to take a look at the brittle stars that are in the same wall aquarium as our shark eggs when my eye caught movement in one of the four egg capsules. What a surprise! Such an egg case is fairly transparent; if you look carefully then you can see what’s happening inside. I even think there is one more egg with signs of life.

7 thoughts on “Small-spotted catshark baby born soon?

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