Brunei absolute monarchy bans Christmas

This video says about itself:

Brunei Shell Petroleum – AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS

6 August 2008

BRUNEI SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY SDN BHD mistreat an employee and his family.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

The sultan of Brunei prohibits any Christmas celebration

Today, 21:37

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has prohibited celebrating Christmas in the strict Islamic statelet Brunei on Borneo. Muslims who are caught decorating a Christmas tree, wearing a Santa hat, singing carols or eating Christmas bread risk a prison sentence of five years, media on Borneo report.

Non-Muslims such as Christians are allowed to celebrate Christmas but only indoors. If they don’t hide their celebrations and other “Christmas phenomena” from Muslims, then they can also be brought to criminal courts. …

About 65 percent of the Brunei people are Muslims. Other religions are tolerated as long as they are not too visible.


In 2013 Sultan Bolkiah introduced strict Islamic laws, such as death by stoning for adultery. He rules the wealthy oil state since 1967 with an iron fist.

6 thoughts on “Brunei absolute monarchy bans Christmas

  1. Death by stoning one would think if the crime of adultery is serious then the death of a person would be a greater sin? as being murder? seems out of proportion to the crime especially if this is a crime by hearsay?


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