Record ring-necked parakeet numbers in Haarlem city

This is a video from India about a nest of rose-ringed parakeets (Psittacula krameri), also known as ring-necked parakeets.

The Vogelwerkgroep Zuid-Kennemerland in the Netherlands reports about their counting of ring-necked parakeets in Haarlem. All these birds sleep in two trees along the Amerikavaart canal.

On Saturday 19 December, around sunset, 783 parakeets were counted. A record number for this species in Haarlem in winter. In January 2014, 638 birds had been counted.

When a sparrowhawk (a bird of prey, roughly the same size as the parakeets) flew near a tree, it did not really upset the ring-necked parakeets. Only five birds started flying to drive the sparrowhawk away.

However, when a goshawk, a bigger bird of prey, appeared, all parakeets started flying, and it took them ten minutes to settle again.


10 thoughts on “Record ring-necked parakeet numbers in Haarlem city

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