Corporate media anti-refugee lies about ‘barbecueing koi carp’

This video says about itself:

Black swan feeding Koi fish

20 September 2012

Swans feeding hungry Koi fish at Swan Lake Resort in Kending, Taiwan.

In Hoek village in Zeeland province in the Netherlands, there is a holiday cottages park, called Marina Beach.

Since about a month, some 600 refugees from Syria and other countries live there temporarily.

This morning, right-wing daily De Telegraaf reported that supposedly, the refugees had caught a big expensive koi carp from a pond, and had barbecued and eaten it. Other media repeated uncritically what De Telegraaf had said.

However, the refugees housing service pointed out that news story was false. The refugees have neither fishing gear nor barbecue gear.

De Telegraaf claimed the butchered fish was property of the manager of Marina Beach.

According to regional broadcasting corporation Omroep Zeeland today (translated):

The manager of holiday resort Marina Beach spoke to a reporter of Omroep Zeeland through an intercom. He calls the story “bullshit.” “I never told this to anyone, and I do not know anyone who has a koi pond here.”

Local paper Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant concludes: The ‘barbecued koi carp’ story is a hoax. See also here.

This hoax story was invented by racists to incite animal lovers against refugees.

Like anti-Semites have a tradition of inciting people who love children against Jews by hoaxes about Jews supposedly killing Christian children to use their blood in matzos.

Racist attack on Somali refugee family’s home in Pannerden: here. And here.

Air France bomb scare: Suspicious device found in toilets was ‘hoax’, says airline’s CEO: here.

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