US Democratic party establishment attacks Bernie Sanders

This video from the USA says about itself:

Bernie Sanders Links Rise of ISIS to Clinton’s Vote on Iraq War

14 November 2015

When asked about Hillary Clinton’s vote on the Iraq War, Sanders said the vote was directly linked to the rise of ISIS

From the Bernie Sanders campaign in the USA:

Here’s the truth: from the first day of this campaign, our success has shocked many of the Democratic Party Establishment who would have preferred a coronation over a competitive campaign.

And the reality is that the huge turnouts that we’ve had at our meetings, our strong fundraising, our volunteer base, and quick rise in the polls have caused the Democratic National Committee to place its thumb on the scales in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. You see that fact evidenced in their decision to bury he Democratic debates on weekends during nationally televised football games. It’s more or less an open secret.

This week, due to a fault in their own technology platforms, the DNC took unprecedented steps to take away our access to data accumulated through tens of thousands of voter contacts made by our volunteers — supporters like you who power our political revolution. In essence, the Democratic Establishment is effectively shutting down our ability to access the information we need for field campaigns and volunteer activities just six weeks before the Iowa Caucuses. And they haven’t told us when they will turn it back on.

In other words, the leadership of the Democratic National Committee is attempting to undermine our insurgent campaign. This is not acceptable. We can and must respond.

Sign our petition telling the Democratic National Committee — in no uncertain terms — that you expect a level playing field in this primary campaign. This is important.

That the Democratic Party would deny our staff and volunteers access to data needed to contact voters in Iowa and New Hampshire on the day we reached two million individual contributions and received two of our most prominent endorsements is disconcerting.

We hope they’ll do the right thing for us, and for our supporters, quickly. But so far they haven’t listened to our campaign. But I am hopeful they’ll listen to you.

We’ll be in touch soon as this situation evolves. You are the power behind this campaign. We are doing something unprecedented, and that has a lot of people scared.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

UPDATE: Democratic National Committee Restores Bernie Sanders’ Access To Voter Data. The deal doesn’t end the Sanders vs. DNC lawsuit: here.

Bernie Sanders campaign claims win after DNC hands back access to voter file: here.

The idea of a Sanders White House is so implausible to many in Washington that this leftwing firebrand from Brooklyn has all but vanished from what he derisively calls the “corporate” media. Despite consistently attracting more nationwide support in the polls than Donald Trump, a recent study showed him receiving 0.4% of the television air time afforded to the motormouth Republican: here.

33 thoughts on “US Democratic party establishment attacks Bernie Sanders

  1. Last night’s Democratic debate was a disappointment for anyone who cares about the future of our planet. After an historic climate summit in Paris, it is unconscionable that the moderators of last night’s debate — as well as the Republican debate — didn’t ask a single question about climate change.

    It’s too bad, because Bernie’s new climate plan is the kind of deep, powerful plan we really need. I hope that you’ll sign on to support it.

    It gets us started fast — 40% reductions in carbon emissions by 2030 would put the country and the world on a new pathway.

    Bernie’s plan would create ten million jobs — and make sure that they’re shared with those communities that usually get left out of our economic booms.

    But here’s what’s really important: Bernie’s climate plan comes with unique credibility. Because he’s worked hard for change when it wasn’t popular or easy. I know this because he’s a fellow Vermonter who I’ve watched for decades. And I know it in my bones because, in the early days of the fight against the Keystone Pipeline, he was almost the only person on Capitol Hill who signed on to help with the fight. He was dogged, and sometimes he was grumpy, and he never let up.

    That’s the spirit we’re going to need going forward. As the revelations of the last few weeks have made clear, the biggest and richest of the oil companies, Exxon, knew everything there was to know about climate change decades ago, and yet helped spread the disinformation and deceit that have held back progress for a quarter-century.

    To stand up to that kind of power requires backbone and passionate commitment. And it requires a leader who can mobilize a movement.

    When we talk about alternative energy, there’s solar, and there’s wind. And there’s Bernie Sanders.

    Click here to say you support Bernie’s bold new climate plan.

    In solidarity,

    Bill McKibben


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