Spectacular Geminid meteor shower in China

This video says about itself:

Chinese Star Gazers Witness Peak of Geminid Meteor Shower

15 December 2015

Star gazers in some parts of China had the opportunity to witness the peak of the Geminid meteor shower on early Monday and Tuesday mornings.

As the most consistent and active annual shower, the Geminids were seen from Monday to Tuesday. As the date of its highest intensity being at dawn on Dec. 15, star gazers can see 120 meteors per hour with interference of moonlight.

Star gazers in Taiyuan, capital of north China’s Shanxi Province, went to the mountains to catch views of the Geminids.

“One student has seen more than 60 meteors….I will count the number. It is very exciting,” said Yang Jun, one star gazer.

As the Geminids are always seen in December, star gazers must keep themselves warm if they want to watch it outdoors. Although it was quite cold, they chose to lie on the ground rather than stay in their cars to enjoy a better view.

“The Geminid meteor shower is hard to witness and there are only three good chances to see them. So we should seize every opportunity. Lying on the ground will give us a wider view of the meteors unlike inside the car where it is much warmer but we can see fewer meteors,” said Yin Jian, another star gazer.

More on this is here.

From timeanddate.com:

In 2016, the Quadrantids [meteor shower] will peak on January 4. A third quarter Moon will make for good viewing conditions. Astronomers suggest that observers try their luck after midnight on January 4.

Star gazing for children on Dutch Texel island, 18 December 2015: here.

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