Saudi jailed blogger’s wife accepts human rights prize

Saudi jailed blogger's wife accepts human rights prize, holding a portrait of her husband

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Wife of Saudi blogger accepts Sakharov Prize

Today, 12:39

The wife of the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi has accepted in the European Parliament in Strasbourg the Sakharov Human Rights Prize for 2015. The award was given to Badawi, but he could not attend the ceremony. He is in Saudi Arabia in prison.

Abdullah al-Zaher: Saudi Arabia is about to behead a teenage boy for attending a protest aged 15. Campaigners say Abdullah is the youngest in a group of juvenile offenders sentenced to death as part of a crackdown on political dissent: here.

Al-Jazeera blocks article slamming Saudi Arabian human rights record. Al-Jazeera is partly funded by the House of Thani – the ruling family of Qatar: here. And here.

Two countries had no idea they were in Saudi Arabia’s Muslim coalition to fight terrorism. Pakistan has refrained from joining in others’ military exploits, instead reaffirming its position of non-involvement in Middle Eastern conflicts: here.

22 thoughts on “Saudi jailed blogger’s wife accepts human rights prize

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