Over 70-year-old actresses in new play

This video is a trailer about the new Dutch comedy Vrouwen van Later by Thomas Verbogt.

On 27 November 2015 there was the première of this play in the theatre in Leiden.

There are four roles in this play; all women.

One of the four is the role of Merel, a student in her twenties doing research on media in the Netherlands in the 1970s. Lusanne Arts (still at theatre school) plays this role.

The three other roles are for over seventy-year-old well-known actresses: Ingeborg Elzevier as the student’s grandmother; and Trudy Labij as the sister of the widow of a famous 1970s TV entertainment personality.

The role of the widow was originally for Nelly Frijda. Health problems caused her to be replaced by Gerrie van der Klei. Ms Van der Klei is known not only for acting, but for singing as well. She sang in New York City with Duke Ellington.

This comedy has a serious undertone about people getting older.

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