Pro-refugee Dutch board game

This 2005 hip hop music video from Sweden about refugees is Fort Europa by LoopTroop, with lyrics.

The new Fortress Europe board game, photo Maurice Vos/RTV Drenthe

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Board game to better understand refugees

Today, 09:30

What happens to an asylum seeker during his flight? What choices does he have to make? Refugee Support in the Northern Netherlands has developed a new board game, Fort Europa [Fortress Europe]. A game to better understand refugees.

At the invitation of the Centre for Visual Arts in Assen ten participants this Thursday put themselves in the shoes of a refugee. Playfully they learned what a refugee runs up against, what it takes to successfully leave one’s own country and the choices he has to make in order to enter the country of destination.

Good reasons

“Fortress Europe is a game where players get information on what having to flee means. Refugees are not refugees for the heck of it, they often have good reasons,” said Monique Berends of Refugee Support in the Northern Netherlands to RTV Drenthe.

Istahil Adulahi is one of the contestants who have played the game. She fled 20 years ago from Somalia to the Netherlands. “I think it’s funny to remember it this way. Gosh, was I really through all that?”

People traffickers

According to Abulahi the game is realistic. “I have also had to deal with people smugglers. I had no idea where I was going and had to blindly trust those people.”

Various departments of Refugee Support in the Netherlands have the game. Associations and schools can apply for the game and play it together with an employee companion of Refugee Support.

Warm welcome for refugees in Canada: here.

Syrian refugee family reunited in B.C. after more than 10 years apart. A Syrian man who has been waiting more than 10 years for his sons to join him in Canada had a tearful reunion with them at Vancouver International Airport on Thursday: here.

See this 10 December 2015 video.

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