Tony Blair hallucinates he’s still British Labour leader

Tony Blair attacks Corbyn voters, Steve Bell cartoon

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Shadow cabinet MP Trickett hits out at Tony Blair‘s hot air

Thursday 10th December 2015

LABOUR’S leftwingers “are the modernisers now,” MP Jon Trickett said yesterday after Tony Blair moaned that the party had become a “fringe protest movement” under Jeremy Corbyn.

Former PM and wealthy warmonger Blair called for “more modernising and less ideological thinking” — then defended his military adventures abroad as an anti-fascist crusade — in the



He cited “transformative” education reforms as one of his party’s key achievements in government — even though they presaged and underpinned Tory fragmentation of the school system.

Mr Blair’s interventions in Labour’s leadership election over the summer were credited with inadvertently assisting Mr Corbyn’s rise to power.

But yesterday he seemed undeterred, writing: “Many — especially in today’s Labour Party — felt we lost our way in government.

“I feel we found it. But I accept in the process we failed to convince enough people that the true progressives are always the modernisers, not because they discard principle but because they have the courage to adhere to it when confronted with reality.”

But Mr Trickett, a member of Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, told the Star it was Mr Blair who was out of touch. “The country has changed profoundly. Economic orthodoxy has proved to be a failure, politics has fallen into disrepute, and it’s clear we need a more open, transparent, participatory democracy.

“It’s a recognition of these changes that led Labour to elect its new leadership, which is far more in tune with Britain’s needs. We are the modernisers now.”

Mr Trickett suggested it was cheeky for the former leader to claim Labour was in disarray given the huge loss of members under Mr Blair.

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