‘Cameron, don’t discriminate against Poles’, Polish government says

This video says about itself:

Why Polish migrants decided to strike in the UK

21 August 2015

On Thursday, Britain had its first ever strike by migrants. It was called by a group of Polish immigrants to push back at being blamed for Britain’s economic problems. The stoppage is a European version of the Great American Boycott of 2006, organized predominantly by Latin Americans in the US, who wanted to underline their importance to the country.

The new Polish right-wing government and David Cameron‘s Conservative government in Britain have some things in common. Both would like to make rules even more pro-rich people and anti-workers than they already are in the European Union.

However, they don’t agree about everything.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Poland sees no good in the plan of the British government to exclude migrants from other EU countries from British social services. According to the Polish minister Waszcykowski this is pure discrimination.

The elimination of social services for EU migrants is one of the demands that Britain has put on the table for reforming the European Union. …

For Poland and other Eastern European countries this is an important issue because many citizens of those countries work in Great Britain. In late 2014 about 850,000 Poles lived there.

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