Woodpeckers at Texas hummingbird feeder

This video from Texas in the USA says about itself:

19 November 2015

The West Texas Hummingbird Cam had a male and female Acorn Woodpecker visit this morning. Notice how you can tell the one in the back is a female by the black band between red and white patches on her head. A small but important difference!

6 thoughts on “Woodpeckers at Texas hummingbird feeder

  1. LOL! Actually, you can’t compare because the male is turned sideways. No matter… I’ll take your word for it. Did you take this picture? That’s a nice picture!


  2. West Indian Woodpeckers are very keen on hummer feeders! There are nesting boxes under the eaves at Delphi, Abaco (it saves them drilling the woodwork!) and the WIWs enjoy the nearby feeders, sticking their long tongues through the tiny holes. The male always goes first; the female usually clings to the feeder post below him until he has had enough… RH [I posted about this with pics a while back]


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