Dutch air force joining bloody war in Syria?

This video says about itself:

Coalition Airstrikes in Syria Have Killed More Than 200 Civilians

23 August 2015

A human rights monitoring group says it has documented more than 200 civilians killed in the U.S.-led coalition bombing campaign in Syria since it began last September. The coalition, known as Operation Inherent Resolve, formed last summer in response to the Islamic State seizing large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq. Led by the United States, the coalition’s members are separated in groups: Australia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom bomb IS targets in Iraq, while Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates strike Islamic State positions in Syria.

In fact, the air forces of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have stopped bombing in Syria. They are too busy killing civilians in Yemen.

According to a report by NOS TV in the Netherlands today, the Pentagon has asked the Dutch government to join in bombing Syria.

The VVD, a right-wing, though officially ‘liberal’, party, the biggest party in the Dutch coalition government, already supported the idea of the Dutch royal air force bombing Syria.

Their junior partner in the coalition, the ‘social democrat’ PvdA so far was more hesitant on this. Today, however, their spokesman Servaes said that the Pentagon’s request ‘deserves serious study’.

The PvdA is a sister party of the British Labour party. It looks like that the PvdA, instead of listening sensibly to the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, are still listening to the old ‘new’ Labour leader Tony Blair.

With policies like that, one should not wonder that the PvdA has lost its traditional position as the biggest party on the left side of the Dutch political spectrum to the Socialist Party.

According to chairwoman Anne-Marie Snels of the soldiers’ trade union AFMP, it is impossible for the Dutch armed forces to attack Syria now.

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