Pink-footed geese wintering in the Netherlands again

This video from England says about itself:

Its a damp, cold December morning on the mudflats of Snettisham, and the tens of thousands of Pink-footed Geese are leaving their roost at dawn.

Translated from warden Wicher Pen in the Netherlands today:

On September 28, 2015 the first pink-footed geese were back in the Oudeland van Strijen nature reserve. We are very proud that pink-footed geese winter here. It is a rare goose and as an environmental manager I feel well that such a bird goes especially to a reserve in your area to spend the winter.

There are only a few places in the Netherlands where you can see pink-footed geese. These are the Oudeland van Strijen and at Petten in North Holland. If you look at then you can see that the Oudeland van Strijen this year is home to the largest numbers. Often there are twenty birds or more. Across the country more than fifty per winter are rarely seen.

Well it is not really easy to recognize the pink-footed goose. It looks much like the white-fronted goose, of which in winter sometimes more than a thousand stay in the Oudeland. The pink-footed geese are smaller and often sit between white-fronted geese and you need a telescope to spot the difference.

I was privileged to see these beautiful birds in their nesting areas on Spitsbergen.

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