Belgian Islamic scholar arrested as ‘terrorist’ by racist policemen

This 18 July 2015 Dutch language video from Belgium is about the presentation of the book De jihadkaravaan, by its authors Montasser AlDe’emeh and Pieter Stockmans.

Translated from daily De Standaard in Belgium:

Brussels police thinks Islamologist Montasser AlDe’emeh is a terrorist

Today at 19:15

Islamologist Montasser AlDe’emeh became, in his own words, the victim of racist cops in Brussels. Montasser was considered to be a terrorist and dealt with harshly, he says. He will complain about this. AlDe’emeh is, inter alia, researcher at the University of Nijmegen, author of a PhD on radicalization within Islam and worked in Mechelen for years with former fighters returned from Syria.

Pieter Stockmans, who along with Montasser AlDe’emeh wrote the book De jihadkaravaan wrote in the afternoon about the events on Facebook. AlDe’emeh told the story itself in the VRT TV program De Afspraak.

AIDe’emeh told how he, on his way back after a lecture at the Committee for Internal Affairs of the Brussels parliament, his car was stopped in the Boulevard Anspach by three officers of the Brussels police.

“They motioned that I should step aside and open my window. They asked for my identity card, driving license and papers of the car.” AIDe’emeh handed everything without problems, he says. “Suddenly, seven officers ran to my car.”

They wanted to know what languages ​​AIDe’emeh can all speak. When he replied that he knew Dutch, French, English and Arabic, the answer was “Here we do not speak Arabic.”

When the officers in the trunk of the car found AIDe’emeh’s boxes with copies of De jihadkaravaan – a book about different types of dynamics that feed extremism – noted, a policeman told him to get out of the car.

“They threw the books on the ground, grabbed me and pushed me with hands and face against the car to frisk me.”

AIDe’emeh also was ordered to remove the SIM card from his mobile phone, but when he refused, the officer did that himself.


AIDe’emeh felt disturbed by the whole incident. ‘Bystanders stopped and started to take pictures, as if I was a terrorist or a criminal. What a humiliation. I’m still in a state of shock.”

After fifteen minutes he could eventually leave, with as sole explanation that he looked like a “terrorist” they sought.

AIDe’emeh is not going to just forget the whole incident, “I will now go to the local police to lodge a complaint. Against those policemen, not against the police. Those cops behaved in a racist way.”

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“APPALLED” Muslim human rights activists slammed a London primary school yesterday for forcing an “Orwellian” anti-radicalisation questionnaire on kids as young as nine: here.

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