7 thoughts on “Britons against Cameron’s Syria war plans

  1. The danger thought to be the Third World War? since WW1 and 2 thinking these wars would end all wars now seem as becoming a distant memory and many think the worst is to happen?
    After checking out how Britain and France resolved or became more compatible neighbors seems to be after the Waterloo battle after centuries of fighting these countries are now buddies? how many died at Waterloo some thousands died to pay the way for peace of these two sworn enemies?
    As one can see after a brawl with two men they often bond and are great friends after the fight?
    I suggest we have WW3 now and get it over with although millions may die we can all become buddies after the brawl? cant we? why put it off for future generations to suffer for our stupidity?


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    • We need cut backs of domestic health and pensions as a sacrifice to bomb more of those trouble makers in Syria? someone has to pay for this and those who are not able to keep must have done wrong in their life and need to be punished for their wanton behavior? so cut off all benefits and lets bomb Syria and to hell to the civilian casualties as they are in the same boat as those at home the unemployed and healthcare personnel, they are guilty for being around undesirables such as hanging out with terrorists?


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