British sexually abusive Bishop Peter Ball and Prince Charles

This video from Britain says about itself:

Church Inquiry Into Bishop Peter Ball Abuse Cover Up

The Church of England has announced an independent inquiry into allegations of a cover up of sexual abuse in the church, looking at whether the behaviour of a former Bishop of Gloucester, Peter Ball, was overlooked because of his connections within the church and the establishment.

Originally broadcast on the BBC on October 5th, 2015.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Links probe: Prince and the groper

Saturday 28th November 2015

Charles’s ‘supportive letters’ to be scrutinised

THE royals are set be dragged into an investigation as to whether Prince Charles made “inappropriate attempts” to interfere in the case of a pervert bishop, it was was revealed yesterday.

Prince Charles is alleged to have written letters of support to former bishop Peter Ball, 83, before the religious leader was “cautioned” for gross indecency in 1993 after sex abuse claims were exposed.

Ball was jailed for 32 months in October after admitting to sexually abusing 18 young aspiring priests who he let stay in his home as part of his “Give a Year to Christ Foundation” 22 years ago.

Clarence House was forced then to deny that Charles got involved in the judicial process on behalf of Ball, former bishop of Lewes and Gloucester, who had described the prince as his “loyal friend.”

Current — and former — MPs, councils and schools were also revealed on Friday to be the focus of 12 investigations into child sex abuse after a number of “high-profile” allegations have been made.

Justice Lowell Goddard, who is leading the “ambitious” inquiry, said that “certain people of public prominence associated with Westminster” will be scrutinised.

Lambeth, Nottinghamshire and Rochdale councils will also be probed in the wake of sex abuse claims, as well as Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.

Residential school Knowl View in Manchester and Cambridge House boys’ hostel in Rochdale will also be investigated over allegations that the late Rochdale Lib Dem MP, Cyril Smith, had molested children on both sites.

Ms Goddard continued: “The investigation will focus on high-profile allegations of child sexual abuse involving current or former members of parliament, senior civil servants, government advisers and members of intelligence and security agencies.

“It will consider allegations of cover-up and conspiracy and review the adequacy of law enforcement responses to these allegations.”

The investigations are set to be part of Britain’s largest-ever public inquiry.

Archbishop and MPs wrote in support of bishop later convicted of sexual offences. Raft of public figures stepped forward to defend Peter Ball in letters revealed after freedom of information requests: here.

PRINCE Charles admitted today he regretted being “deceived” by a disgraced bishop he stayed friends with for more than two decades despite the clergyman having been cautioned for gross indecency. But the heir to the throne told the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) that he was “not aware until recently” that a police caution “carries an acceptance of guilt”: here.

Justin Welby asks George Carey to quit over church abuse report. Archbishop of Canterbury asks predecessor to step down from honorary position after report on church collusion with Peter Ball: here.

Prince Charles: The 15-page contract that reveals how the Prince of Wales tries to control the media. Behind the soft-focus image you see on television lies a ruthless machine that demands control of every aspect of interviews: here.

Prince Charles has been routinely sent secret Cabinet papers for decades. Revelation after FoI battle follows release of so-called ‘black spider memos’ sent by the Prince to ministers: here.

Unelected Prince Charles sees cabinet papers before elected ministers: here.

The Church of England has hushed up more than its fair share of abusers but few as hypocritical as John Smyth QC, writes PETER FROST. John Smyth QC was the subject of a recent Channel 4 documentary. The Morning Star and most of the rest of the media reported that Smyth, a barrister, part time judge and evangelical Christian leader had been accused of serious sadomasochistic physical abuse of public school boys: here.

SEXUAL abuse in the Anglican church was able to thrive due to “clerical naivety” about exploitation risks and an “excessive emphasis” on forgiving predators, a lawyer for the church claimed yesterday: here.

Child sexual abuse Church of England abuse probe ‘botched,’ says review’s author: here.

Prince Charles Blamed ‘Foreign Jews’ For Mideast Conflict In 1986 Letter: here.

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  2. Saturday 2nd January 2015

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    THE Church of England apologised “unreservedly” yesterday after a 1993 letter came to light showing that the CofE’s former chief had intervened to defend a sex-offending bishop.

    Then Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey wrote to police in 1993 saying Peter Ball was suffering “torment” because of the investigation.

    The former Bishop of Lewes was jailed for a string of historic sex offences, including two counts of indecent assault, in October 2015.

    Mr Ball hand-picked 18 vulnerable victims to commit acts of “debasement” in the name of religion, such as praying naked at the altar and encouraging them to submit to beatings, the trial heard.

    According to the BBC, in one of the letters obtained after a Freedom of Information request Lord Carey said it was “improbable” that Mr Ball was guilty of the allegations made against him.

    After Mr Ball was sentenced in October, Lord Carey denied the Church of England had been involved in a cover-up, saying: “We dealt inadequately with Peter Ball’s victims and gave too much credence to his protestations.

    “Allegations by some that my actions amounted to a cover-up or collusion with the abuser are wrong. I have always insisted upon the highest standards of holiness of life from all who are ordained.”

    The CofE apologised to Mr Ball’s victims, saying: “There are no excuses whatsoever for what took place, nor for the systematic abuse of trust perpetrated by Peter Ball.”

    Lawyer David Greenwood, Mr Ball’s victims, said it appeared that it had been a case of “parts of the establishment trying to help another part of the establishment.”


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  5. Friday 3rd February 2017

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    ALLEGATIONS that a former colleague of the Archbishop of Canterbury committed serious physical abuse at a holiday camp for teenage boys have led to police to appeal for possible victims to come forward.

    A series of accusations have been levelled against John Smyth, a former leader at the Iwerne camp, which had close links with the Church of England and where Justin Welby, now head of the Church, worked as a dormitory officer in the late 1970s.

    Mr Welby has denied knowing of the allegations after the Church issued an apology over its handling of the claims.

    The allegations came to light through a Channel 4 News investigation into the prominent QC and part-time judge, who now lives in South Africa.

    The Iwerne Trust, which oversaw the Christian camps, was informed of the allegations and compiled a report as early as 1982 but failed to tell police, Channel 4 News said.

    Without naming Mr Smyth, Hampshire Police confirmed they are “investigating allegations of non-recent physical abuse involving a senior figure at the Iwerne Trust.

    “We have contacted those victims whose information has been provided to us and we would encourage anyone else with any information about these events to contact our dedicated investigation team via 101, quoting Op Cubic.”

    When asked about the accusations, Mr Smyth refused to comment. Speaking on LBC Radio yesterday, Mr Welby said he had been “completely unaware” of any allegations when he worked at the camp.

    He said: “I was at that particular camp in the mid-70s. I was young then — 19 to 21 or 22. “I never heard anything at all, at any point.”


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