Turkish government-ISIS oily links

This 25 February 2014 video is called Calls for Turkey PM Erdogan to resign in leaked tape scandal.

Another video, from Turkey, which used to be on YouTube, used to says about itself:

26 February 2014

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan‘s dialogue with his son Bilal about their corruption

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: “The recordings are a vile attack on the position of Prime Minister.”

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has angrily condemned as fabricated an audio recording that appears to show him talking to his son about hiding large sums of money.

He said the recording, allegedly tapped and then posted on social media, was a “treacherous attack”.

It appears to reveal Mr Erdoğan asking his son Bilal to dispose of millions of euros in cash from a house.

Anti-government protests erupted in Istanbul following the disclosures.

Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), has denounced the recordings and demanded the prime minister’s resignation.
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Istanbul’s Kadikoy district on Tuesday chanting “Tayyip Erdoğan the thief”. They were later dispersed by riot police using tear gas and water cannon.

The BBC’s James Reynolds says householders in anti-government neighbourhoods were heard banging pots and pans as they did during the Gezi Park protests of May and June last year.

The recordings, which could not be independently verified, were said to be of four conversations dating back to 17 December, when the sons of three ministers and business allies of the prime minister were detained in a high-level corruption investigation.

Correspondents say that the inquiry has presented a major challenge to Mr Erdoğan‘s 11 years in power ahead of key local elections in March.

Cagil Kasapoglu from BBC Turkish says that, interestingly, neither the prime minister nor his party’s spokespeople have denied that the voices on the recording belong to Erdoğan and his son.

Their statement so far is that their voices were “montaged” to implicate them, our correspondent says.

During the conversation, a voice can be heard discussing how to reduce the funds to “zero” by distributing them among several businessmen.

At one point, the second voice says some 30 million euros ($40m/£24m) remains to be disposed of.

Translated from Mathijs Hendrix in Belgium:

Brokering ISIS oil is in the hands of Turkey

Friday, November 27th, 2015

The main source of revenue for the Islamic State (ISIS) is the proceeds from the sale of oil from northern Iraq. The largest consumer of ISIS oil is Turkey, the country that recently brought down a Russian fighter plane.

A leading role among these dubious middlemen is reserved for Bilal Erdoğan, the son of the Turkish president. He moved in 1999 to the US and attended a Master’s program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, part of Harvard University. After graduation he worked as an intern at the World Bank in 2006; then, he returned to Turkey, became a businessman and is now co-owner of the BMZ Group, a maritime transport company.

In the run-up to the Turkish presidential elections of 2014 a major political corruption scandal unfolded. It turned out there was money laundering and bribery around procurement of construction projects and some family members of ministers from the cabinet of then Prime Minister Erdoğan were arrested. Despite the fury of the prime minister further research into the affair discovered the name of Bilal Erdoğan. He is said also to have been involved in this corruption scandal but the case was closed for unknown reasons and 350 investigators, including the attorney general, were fired on the spot.

According to Turkish opposition parties Bilal Erdoğan is now involved in the trade in oil which ISIS looted in Iraq and Syria. He owns several docks in Beirut in Lebanon and Ceyhan in Turkey and he commutes the ISIS oil via these ports to Turkey with tankers leased from Japan. Erdoğan is also said to have agreements with European maritime transport corporations to then ship this oil to various Asian countries. The opposition parties also accuse Erdoğan of complicity by keeping the scandals involving his son under wraps at all costs. Meanwhile, ISIS is the richest terrorist group in the world.

“President Erdoğan claims that according to international conventions there are no legal violations related to the activities of his son. He does normal business with companies registered in Japan, but in fact Bilal Erdoğan is up to his neck complicit in terrorism. As long as his father is boss in Turkey, he is immune from prosecution.” This explained Gürsel Tekin of the CHP [opposition] party last summer.

In October last year US Vice President Joe Biden accused the Erdoğan regime of supporting ISIS with “hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons.” He said this during a speech at Harvard University. A day later the Turkish president demanded an apology and then Biden apologized. The US government is far from guiltless in this.

Meanwhile, the European Union is strengthening its relations with Erdoğan and talks about Turkey joining the EU have resumed. It looks more and more like the mafia rules. To be continued.

ISIS Is Funded by 40 Countries — Including G20 Members: here.

Anonymous hacktivists take down Turkey’s websites in retaliation for ISIS ties: here.

67 thoughts on “Turkish government-ISIS oily links

  1. Saturday 28th November 2015

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    Foreign minister’s oil smuggling accusations

    FRANCE’S foreign minister accused Syria’s government of trading with Islamic State yesterday, after Paris and Moscow agreed to fight the terror group’s oil smuggling.

    Laurent Fabius told French radio that his government “believed” Syria was buying oil from the Isis rebels it is fighting, without elaborating or providing any evidence.

    He ruled out French troops on the ground in Syria, suggesting that the so-called Free Syrian Army and “Sunni Arab states” could fight Isis alongside the Syrian armed forces.

    Mr Fabius was parroting claims by US Treasury Department counter-terror chief Adam Szubin on Wednesday.

    Mr Szubin alleged that Syrian businessman George Haswani and his company Hesco Engineering and Construction was the middleman for the trade.

    But Mr Haswani had already dismissed previous allegations of that nature as “fantasies.”

    French President Francois Hollande met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Thursday to discuss co-operation in the fight against Isis, which was behind the Paris terrorist attacks that killed 130 people.

    The two leaders agreed that cutting off Isis oil smuggling to Turkey was a priority.

    Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stands accused of profiting from the illicit and immoral trade.

    “Day and night they are going to Turkey,” Mr Putin said. “Trucks always go there loaded, and back from there — empty.”

    Taking a sarcastic tone, he continued: “We assume that the top political leadership of Turkey might not know anything about this. Hard to believe, but it is theoretically possible.”

    The same day Russia bombed another convoy of Turkish lorries at the Bab al-Salameh border crossing north of Aleppo, which is controlled by the Qatari-backed Ahrar al-Sham extremist group.

    Turkey arrested Cumhuriyet newspaper editor Can Dundar and his Ankara correspondent Erdem Gul on Thursday for exposing secret government arms shipments to Syrian insurgents in May.

    Italian customs officials seized more than 800 guns being transported from Turkey to Belgium without a licence yesterday.

    Authorities in the port of Trieste found the 847 Turkish-made Winchester pump-action shotguns in a Dutch-registered lorry driven by a Turkish citizen.



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  10. Thursday 3rd December 2015

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    Photos show fuel shipments from Islamic State wells to Turkey

    RUSSIA claimed yesterday to have proof that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s family profits from the illegal oil trade with Islamic State (Isis).

    The Defence Ministry presented a dossier to dozens of foreign military attaches and hundreds of journalists at a conference in Moscow.

    Officials produced aerial and satellite photographs showing thousands of oil tanker lorries streaming from Isis-controlled oil wells in Syria and Iraq into Turkish sea ports and refineries.

    “The main customer for this oil stolen from Syria and Iraq is Turkey,” Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov said.

    “The top political leadership of the country, President Erdogan and his family, is involved in this criminal
    business,” he alleged.

    Mr Erdogan’s son Bilal, a shipping magnate, has been repeatedly accused of being the kingpin in the sordid trade with Isis.

    “What a great family business!” Mr Antonov exclaimed, pointing out that Mr Erdogan’s son-in-law is Turkey’s energy minister.

    Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy said that Russian air raids against oil storage facilities and the smugglers’ fleet of over 1,000 tanker lorries had halved the militants’ huge income.

    “The income of this terrorist organization was about $3 million (£2m) per day. After two months of Russian air strikes their income was about $1.5m (£1m) a day,” he said.

    Lieutenant General Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the National Centre for State Defence Control, alleged that some 2,000 recruits, 120 tons of ammunition and 250 vehicles had been delivered to Isis and the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front from Turkish territory.

    “According to reliable intelligence reports, the Turkish side has been taking such actions for a long time and on a regular basis.” he added. “And, most importantly, it is not planning to stop them.”

    The allegations raised tensions between the two countries even further following Turkey’s unprovoked shooting-down of a Russian Su-24 strike aircraft as it was returning from a mission against militants in Syria.

    On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking the Paris climate change summit, accused Ankara of ambushing the plane to defend its oil interests.

    Responding to the allegations in a speech at Qatar University yesterday, Mr Erdogan claimed they were “slander” and repeated a pledge, first given on Monday, to resign if they were proven.


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  14. Tuesday 15th December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Ambassador Churkin accuses pair of illegally flouting UN anti-terrorist resolution

    RUSSIA’s envoy to the UN accused the US and Turkey yesterday of violating international law by failing to provide the security council information on Islamic State (Isis) oil activities.

    Vitaly Churkin reminded his counterparts that under UN resolution 2199, introduced in February 2015 to obstruct trade links with terrorist groups operating in Iraq and Syria, “countries are obliged to provide information” on Isis’s financial activities.

    “That means the Americans had to provide such information and of course Turkey, which should have reported any illegal trade going on there. They didn’t do it,” he told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.

    The diplomat revealed that a new UN resolution on illegal oil trade was being prepared.

    “Together with the Americans, we’re drafting a new resolution tightening regulations on that kind of reporting,” he said.

    “We could authorise the secretary-general to deliver regular reports on the issue or it would be some sort of counter-terrorist agencies. We hope to adopt this resolution on December 17.”

    Mr Churkin contrasted US military operations in Syria to Russia’s role there.

    “You’ve been flying there for a year, we’ve been there for two months and already provided many photos showing that oil is smuggled through the Turkish border,” he said.

    “They (the US) must have known and, if they did, they should have reported it to the security council.”

    Resolution 2199 was adopted unanimously to reduce funding to Isis, al-Qaida and other militant groups operating inside Iraq and Syria.

    It was also introduced to try to halt Isis’s multimillion-dollar trade in oil, antiquities and hostages in both countries.

    Mr Churkin’s comments mirror a continued deterioration in Russian-Turkish ties since the downing of a Russian warplane on November 24 on the Turkish-Syrian border.

    Tensions also escalated on Sunday when a Russian warship fired shots at a Turkish vessel in the Aegean Sea when it allegedly ignored warnings to maintain a respectable distance.

    Russia’s Defence Ministry warned the Turkish military attache in Moscow against such “reckless” behaviour.

    Mr Churkin suggested that recent US-led coalition air strikes on the Syrian army may not have been an accident and could be repeated.



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