Somali cattle herder drone attack victims sue Dutch government

This video from the USA says about itself:

Drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen & Somalia include targeting rescuers and funerals

US Drone Strike statistics based on research by a team of journalists of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:
(As of October 10, 2012).

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Somali drone attack victims want money from Dutch government

Today, 11:21

Two Somali nomads who in January 2014 were hit during a US drone attack are sueing in the Netherlands. For that attack, the US had access to information provided by the Netherlands, say their lawyers Göran Sluiter and Liesbeth Zegveld.

… One of them lost two of his daughters and a leg as well in the attack. The other person was injured. In addition, most of their livestock was killed.

The Ministry of Defence in The Hague rejects any responsibility in this case. In the Volkskrant daily says the ministry says it does not know on the basis of what information the US military went into action. “This is absolutely incredible,” says Sluiter. “The Netherlands knows very well for what the information is provided.”


That Dutch intelligence services share information with the US was revealed earlier in information of whistleblower Edward Snowden. Sluiter hopes that the Netherlands therefore will recognize that they are accomplices and will pay compensation. That chance is small, making court intervention necessary.

Sluiter and Zegveld chose a case in the Netherlands because the government in the USA in cases likes this hides behind state security claims. A case in the US because of that has no chance.

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