Tony Blair, godfather of ISIS, wants to bomb Syria

This video says about itself:

Inside Iraq – Are Bush and Blair above the law?

7 June 2010

Many attempts have been made to try Tony Blair and George Bush for war crimes, but to no avail. In this episode of Inside Iraq, we ask: Is justice the property of the strong and is this a case of might is right?

Tony Blair is not only literally the godfather of a child of fellow warmonger Rupert Murdoch (with whom he quarreled later in a sexual jealousy conflict). Blair is also figuratively the godfather of ISIS terrorism. Because, as President Obama and many others have pointed out, without George W Bush’s and Tony Blair’s 2003 war on Iraq, there would be no ISIS now.

By Luke James in Britain:

Blair renews call for Britain to take military action in Syria

Friday 27th November 2015

TONY BLAIR has made a renewed call for Britain to bomb Syria — during a recording for a comedy podcast.

The unpopular former prime minister made a belated apology last month for dragging Britain into the Iraq war in 2003 on the basis of his “dodgy dossier.”

But now Mr Blair has backed David Cameron’s campaign for another British military intervention in the Middle East.

He played cheerleader for the Tory PM on Wednesday evening while recording the lighthearted Political Animal podcast, which is hosted by Labour adviser turned comedian Matt Forde.

Asked if he supported bombing, Mr Blair replied: “I would support the position that has been set out, not just by David Cameron, but by many Labour MPs.

“I think it’s important that we take strong action against Isis and take that action against them where they are headquartered, which is in Syria, so obviously I would support that.”

Stop the War convenor Lindsey German said Mr Cameron has failed to explain how bombing would improve the situation in Syria.

And she told the Star: “Tony Blair conveniently omits that these groups have grown since the war on terror began.

His policies of bombing and invasion set the world on fire. Now he wants to fan the flames even further.”

Mr Blair also indicated that further unwelcome political interventions could be expected from him.

He said he would be willing to appear alongside his historic rival Gordon Brown at events in the campaign to keep Britain in the European Union.

Syrian air strikes mean civilians seeing their family killed by a faceless enemy – leaving Isis free to choose a face for us. The Prime Minister states that complexity should not be an excuse for non-intervention. True. But complexity is not an excuse, it is an important reality: here.

Thousands protest against Syria air strikes as Stop the War Coalition marches on London: here.

Last week, war crimes investigators at the United Nations charged a U.S.-led coalition with violating international humanitarian law last year when it launched airstrikes on a school in Syria that killed at least 150 civilians: here.

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  3. Saturday 28th November 2015

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    Shadow chancellor appeals for calm amid bombing spat

    JOHN McDONNELL made a public appeal for calm within the Labour Party yesterday after Blairite MPs stirred up a damaging public spat over Syria.

    The shadow chancellor called for colleagues to show cool heads as discussions over the party’s position on air strikes continue ahead of Monday’s shadow cabinet meeting.

    He said: “On Syria, can everyone calm down. We’re all simply working through the issues and coming to final decision.”

    He also dispelled suggestions the emotive issue could split the party or spark a leadership challenge, adding: “Don’t mistake democracy for division.”

    Mr McDonnell made the statement on Twitter after two right-wing Labour MPs called for leader Jeremy Corbyn to resign yesterday because he does not back bombing.

    Mr Corbyn set out his objections to air strikes in an email to all MPs on Thursday following David Cameron’s statement to the Commons.

    Warley MP John Spellar claimed the missive amounted to the leader and “his small group of tiny Trots in the bunker” launching a “coup” against the shadow cabinet.

    In a rant on BBC radio he even compared Mr Corbyn to Adolf Hitler, raging: “Sorry, we’re not a one-man, one-vote once [sic].

    “You know, we elect the Fuhrer and he therefore decides everything.

    “We have a shadow cabinet, we have collective responsibility, this is not the way to go about things.”

    Progress-backed former minister Fiona McTaggart said Mr Corbyn should resign because “the division at the moment is causing real problems.”

    Disagreement among Labour MPs over Syria is likely to lead to them being given a free vote on the issue.

    But a Labour List survey of 2,453 supporters found that 63 per cent support the party leader’s opposition to air strikes in Syria.

    And Labour NEC member and former London mayor Ken Livingstone said: “Those people that are thinking of voting to support Cameron’s policy on this know full well they do not have the backing of the rank and file of the party membership.

    “So they might do what they believe to be right but I don’t think they’re going to go on and try to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn because he’ll just be re-elected if they want another election.”


  4. Saturday 28th November 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Our News Desk

    COMEDIAN Frankie Boyle is among celebrities who have written to David Cameron blasting his plans to bomb Syria.

    Bridge of Spies actor Mark Rylance and former Roxy Music rocker Brian Eno have also signed the letter and will deliver it to Downing Street today.

    The stars will then join thousands of people who are expected to join a Stop the War demonstration on the streets of London.

    They write: “The current rush to bomb Syria following the terrible events in Paris risks a dangerous escalation which will inflame the war there and increase bitterness against the West.

    “The US has been bombing Isis (Islamic State) for a year and admits that Isis is as strong as ever and has continued recruiting.”

    Former UN assistant secretary-general Hans von Sponeck, union leaders Mark Serwotka and Manuel Cortes, Green MP Caroline Lucas and Labour executive member Christine Shawcroft and director Ken Loach have also signed the letter.

    It calls on the government to learn the lessons from interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, which have left behind devastating destruction, huge numbers of casualties and created a refugee crisis engulfing the Middle East and Europe.

    “Far from tackling terrorism, the last 14 years of war have seen massively increased jihadi terrorist organisation around the world,” it adds.

    Twenty thousand people have registered to attend the Downing Street protest on social media.

    And 30 more protests are planned across Britain, including a rally outside the constituency office of Tory chief whip Mark Harper in Cinderford.

    Stop the War predicted it could be the biggest anti-war demonstration since Mr Cameron’s last bid to bomb Syria in 2013.


  5. Saturday 28th November 2015

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

    BLAIRITE Labour MP John Woodcock refused to apologise yesterday after telling firefighters on the verge of reaffiliating to his party to “go away.”

    Mr Woodcock, who claimed Labour was “fucked” shortly after Jeremy Corbyn was elected, has been at the forefront of calls for his party to support air strikes in Syria and used to chair Labour rightwingers’ rallying point Progress.

    Now he is under fire after his early morning tweet directed at the London region of the Fire Brigades Union, which voted to reaffiliate to Labour in England and Wales yesterday.

    He later enflamed the row by accusing the union leadership of being “disloyal splitters” for disaffiliating in the first place.

    Mr Woodcock was slammed on social media by party activists who accused him of being disloyal in his recent interventions.

    On Twitter, Leicester Labour councillor Susan Barton urged: “Stop damaging the party. It’s not about supporting Jeremy Corbyn but the aspiration of new members, many young and new to politics.”

    After he denied causing damage, the official London FBU account told Mr Woodcock: “You are damaging the party, John. In a very serious way.”

    To which the MP scorned at 4.19am: “Haha, from the union that isn’t even back in the Labour Party yet. Go away.”

    When asked if he would take back his comments, Mr Woodcock told the Star he had communicated “politely” and that there was “really nothing to be offended about, as I suspect the people who are stirring this up realise.”

    “Hard-working firefighters were badly let down by the disloyal splitters who aided the Tories by disaffiliating the FBU from the Labour Party — I am delighted the union has seen the light and is coming back to the fold,” he said.

    FBU black members secretary Micky Nicholas said the remarks were “not helpful” and that debates within Labour figures should argue “in the correct forum” and not through aggressive posts on social media.

    Speaking to our reporter, Mr Woodcock said: “Thank you so much for your interest, I know I can always trust the Morning Star for its unbiased coverage … and the wonderful things you write about me every week. I do hope you have a wonderful time in Blackpool.”

    FBU general secretary Matt Wrack dismissed Mr Woodcock’s comments as a “silly insult” to members.

    During the Labour leadership contest Mr Woodcock accused opponents of Liz Kendall of conducting a “smear” campaign over rumours that she was going out with him.


  6. Saturday 28th November 2015

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    A SENIOR adviser to Jeremy Corbyn was reinstated as a Labour member yesterday after being suspended over claims he supported a rival party on social media.

    Andrew Fisher was suspended earlier this month after apparently advocating a vote for the Class War candidate in the Croydon South seat.

    In the run-up to May’s general election, he wrote: “If you live in Croydon South, vote with dignity, vote @campaignbeard,” Twitter handle of Class War’s Jon Bigger.

    Labour candidate Emily Benn complained that the comment breached Labour’s code of conduct.

    The party’s national executive handed him a warning following an investigation.

    A Labour spokeswoman confirmed yesterday that the economist and former PCS union official has been reinstated to the party with immediate effect.

    In a statement, Mr Fisher said he was “very pleased with the decision.”

    He wrote: “I’ve been a Labour Party member for 20 years and all I’ve ever wanted is for Labour to be strong and effective, whether in government or opposition.

    “I will continue to support Jeremy, who was elected in a landslide victory just two months ago, and help Labour build towards 2020.”

    Labour MPs Caroline Flint and Siobhain McDonagh, who also made a complaint, were furious about the “slap on the wrist” given to Mr Fisher.

    They claimed: “The chair of this investigation has been subjected to huge pressure, and this has compromised the independence and integrity of Labour’s disciplinary process.”

    There has been no investigation into the conduct of Ms Benn, who wrote more recently that people should “consider joining the Women’s Equality Party.”


  7. Saturday 28th November 2014

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    JOHN PRESCOTT has accused David Cameron of trying to restart the crusades in a scathing attack on his plans to bomb Syria, writes Luke James.

    The Labour peer, who was deputy prime minister at the time of the Iraq war, spoke out against air strikes last night in an interview with Russia Today.

    Mr Prescott said he ridiculed Tony Blair’s lust for war, asking him: “Why don’t you put a white sheet on and a red cross and start the bloody crusades again?”

    Turning to Syria, he said: “We lost that 1,000 years ago, and that’s precisely what we’re doing at this present stage.

    “It is almost a religious holy war, isn’t it? And the Christians want to win over the Muslims. That’s a hell of a thought, it’s 1,000 years ago and we’re back to it.”

    Labour MP Paul Flynn also warned yesterday that “inciting more hatred between Christians throughout the world and Muslims is a terribly dangerous path to go down.”


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