9 thoughts on “British police, stop investigating child abuse, Conservative politician says

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  2. The British police can afford to infiltrate protest groups having no threat to British security, the police who had a undercover agent infiltrating this group who impregnated one of the members of this group and then disappeared from this group and this woman? having no responsibility financially to this person and involved with deception, I suggest if this is how police operate in a frivolous and depraved way and have the time to use in such a way is a problem for police to work within a budget? As for the money spent some eleven million pounds to what I would say is persecution of a individual as Assam on such a frivolous allegation as not using a condom are not only pathetic but a public nuisance who are not involved with justice but are a organization bent on working against the interests of the British citizen and are a source of revenue collectors of fines for politicians and the funding of the 1% rich and need now to be disbanded and a police force who are responsible and committed to justice for all.


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  8. Friday 3rd
    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    A FORMER aide to Prime Minister David Cameron avoided jail yesterday after being convicted of downloading pictures of scantily clad girls as young as 10 in sexual poses.

    Patrick Rock of Fulham, south-west London, who faced 20 charges of making indecent photographs of children, had claimed the images he downloaded on to his iPad over three days in August 2013 were not indecent.

    But the jury in his trial at Southwark Crown Court in London rejected his claim and convicted him by majority verdict of five counts.

    Rock was acquitted of three similar charges, while jurors were unable to agree on the 12 remaining counts and were discharged, meaning the charges will lie on file.

    The court heard that the youngest of the girls in the pictures was aged just 10 years and four months when Rock downloaded the image — meaning she would have been younger when it was taken.

    Judge Alistair McCreath sentenced Rock to a two-year conditional discharge on each count, to run concurrently.

    The judge said: “I have not lost sight of the obvious reality that right-thinking people will quite properly consider that those who did what you did should be punished for it.

    “You should be. And you have been.

    “The punishment for you is the loss of your reputation and your very public humiliation.

    “It is a punishment which you brought on yourself, but is nonetheless a very real one. And it is one that is utterly merited.”

    Judge McCreath, the Recorder of Westminster, added that his sentence did not amount to “any sort of excusing of, conformation of or trivialising of this sort of offending.”



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