Prevent bats becoming ill

This 2 April 2019 video is called White Nose Syndrome Is Killing Millions Of Bats In The U.S. (HBO).

From White-nose

What can you do to help?

Avoid possible spread of WNS by humans

    • Stay out of caves and mines where bats are known – or suspected – to hibernate in all states.
      Honor cave closures and gated caves.

Avoid disturbing bats

  • Stay out of all hibernation sites when bats are hibernating (winter).

Be observant

  • Report unusual bat behavior to your state natural resource agency, including bats flying during the day when they should be hibernating (December through March) and bats roosting in sunlight on the outside of structures. More difficult to tell is unusual behavior when bats are not hibernating (April through September); however, bats roosting in the sunlight or flying in the middle of the day is unusual. Bats unable to fly or struggling to get off the ground is also unusual.

Take care of bats

  • Reduce disturbance to natural bat habitats around your home (e.g., reduce outdoor lighting, minimize tree clearing, protect streams and wetlands).
  • Construct homes for bats (see below for directions).
  • If bats are in your home and you don’t want them there, work with your local natural resource agency to exclude or remove them without hurting them after the end of the maternity season (see below for more information). The best time to exclude bats is when they aren’t in your home.

Learn about bats/teach about bats – bats are fascinating creatures and an important part of our environment.

  • Visit websites for organizations like Bat Conservation International
  • Attend educational programs or events celebrating bats, e.g.,
    • Indiana Bat Festival
    • Bat Fest, Austin, Texas


  • Some states and organizations sponsor bat emergence counts or other activities. Contact your state natural resource agency or local conservation groups for opportunities.

Provide homes for bats

Exclude or remove bats safely

Other opportunities

Researchers did a field trial on the effect of probiotic bacteria on white-nose syndrome in bat populations. They found that it reduces the impact of the disease about five-fold: here.

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