Austerity only for poor people, not for wars, Eurozone’s Dijsselbloem says

This 21 February 2015 Dutch satirical music video is called RAP BATTLE [English + GREEK SUBTITLES] – Dijsselbloem vs Βαρουφάκης (Varoufakis). Featuring Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. About imposing disastrous austerity on Greece.

By Alex Lantier and Stéphane Hugues in France:

French president exploits terror attacks to suspend democratic rights

17 November 2015

In a speech Monday to both houses of parliament meeting in Versailles, French President François Hollande made clear that in response to the terrorist attacks carried out on Friday by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), he intends to carry through a sweeping assault on democratic rights. Hollande’s speech marked a major step toward the imposition of authoritarian forms of rule in France.

The French government, like other governments do similarly, uses ISIS terrorism not only as a pretext for attacking democratic rights in France. It uses it as pretext for war abroad too. By Glenn Greenwald:

Stock Prices of Weapons Manufacturers Soaring Since Paris Attack

Nov. 16 2015, 5:17 p.m.

The Paris attacks took place on Friday night. Since then, France’s president has vowed “war” on ISIS and today significantly escalated the country’s bombing campaign in Syria (France has been bombing ISIS in Iraq since last January, and began bombing the group in Syria in September).

This French governmental spending of money on merchants of death and attacking civil liberties means that the budget deficit will grow further. For years, the French deficit has been higher than the official European Union ceiling of 3%. President Hollande and Prime Minister Valls admitted yesterday that the deficit will now grow even more.

Now, some people might expect that the Euro zone bigwigs would get very angry and impose all kinds of drastic austerity measures on the French government (in practice, on the French people) by the way of some ‘troika’. However, Dutch Finance Minister Dijsselbloem, also the Euro zone boss, has said today that he ‘understands’ the French government prioritizing of war and attacks on liberties over walking the official European Union 3% deficit line.

So, Dijsselbloem ‘understands’ the French government. While about Greece, the same Mr Dijsselbloem refused and still refuses to understand anything.

The Greek government had a deficit, caused by, inter alia, paying a lot to German and French weapons Big Business. The European Union-IMFEuropean Central Bank troika reacted to that by ordering the Greek government to destroy democracy, the economy, health care, education, etc. Early this year, the Syriza party won the Greek election, promising voters to stop this destruction. One of their proposals was to balance the budget more by spending less on the military. The pro-austerity Euro bigwig blackmailers of Greece banned that. Another proposal of the new Greek government was closing down the horrible prison camps for refugees. No, you can’t do that, the European Union said.

Dijsselbloem and his cronies kept cajoling and blackmailing the Syriza government till they gave in on continuing the destructive austerity and privatisation in Greece.

Not even a remote trace of that in the case of the French deficit.

Blairite Dijsselbloem is a member of the PvdA party, the junior partner in the Dutch coalition government. The biggest party in that coalition is the VVD. THe VVD parliamentary caucus chairman Zijlstra said today, according to NOS TV:

People who sell weapons are for me as guilty of terrorism as the people who use them.

Right, Mr Zijlstra. Unfortunately, very probably Mr Zijlstra only means a few low level small business sellers of handguns and rifles to private persons, not the Big Business military-industrial complex which now is making deficits in France and elsewhere bigger and bigger.

From the Huffington Post in the USA:

In Germany, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters in Berlin that a Syrian passport found with one of the Paris attackers may have been a false flag intended to make Europeans fearful of refugees. The passport showed registrations in Greece, Serbia and Croatia, which he described as “unusual.”

He said the multiple registrations by a person using the passport were “evidence that this was a trail that was intentionally laid”.

53 thoughts on “Austerity only for poor people, not for wars, Eurozone’s Dijsselbloem says

  1. I think that the Paris murders, like 9/11 in the USA, were not ‘false flag attacks’ in the sense that the French or US governments supposedly ordered the perpetrators to commit the crimes.

    I do think that in both cases governments saw the atrocities which they had not expected in exactly the way they happened, as welcome pretexts to practice plans for wars and against civil liberties which they had been preparing for a long time, but had not practiced yet because the climate had not been quite right for it yet.


  2. From Israel:

    Press Release November 17, 2015

    Gush Shalom: Netanyhau’s outlawing of Israel’s Islamic Movement is a demagogic and anti-democratic move, harmful in every respect

    “Also those who disagree with the positions of the Islamic Movement in Israel should say clearly and unequivocally that outlawing this movement is a demagogic and anti-democratic move, harmful in every respect,” says Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc. “Up to now, the Islamic Movement had acted openly, undertaking various political and religious activities which were public and visible for all to see – however disagreeable the message conveyed sometimes was. It is no coincidence that the heads of the Shabak Security Service had strong reservations about such a move. For many months they strongly advised the government not to drive underground a mass movement which has tens of thousands of supporters among the Arab citizens of Israel. In last night pushing through the banning of the Islamic Movement, Prime Minister Netanyahu has taken advantage of the atmosphere of hysteria following the atrocity in Paris, in order to take an ill-considered step and gain cheap immediate popularity at the expense of incurring serious long-term damage. Historical experience in many times and places has shown that when a government gets away with outlawing a hated political movement, there would follow acts of oppression also towards other movements and parties”.

    Gush Shalom goes on to say: “The Northern Islamic Movement and its leader Sheikh Raed Salah were charged with fanning the flames at the Mosque Compound in East Jerusalem. But the very last body entitled to make such charges is a cabinet whose ministers include Uri Ariel, the foremost of all Temple Mount provocateurs and firebrands. When the government in which Ariel is Minister of Agriculture outlaws Sheikh Salah’s movement, there is no escaping a feeling of outright discrimination and double standards in the actions and policies of the current government of Israel.”

    Adam Keller, Gush Shalom Spokesperson +972-(0)54-2340749


  3. A message from Yves Verilhac, LPO’s (BirdLife in France) Director General:

    Dear Friends and colleagues of BirdLife,

    LPO has received many messages of kind support from you all following the tragic events of last Friday evening in Paris.

    Firstly, I would like to let you know that, as far as we can determine, the ornithological community in Paris (Board members and staff) has not been affected, directly or indirectly.

    In the past there have been such events in Beirut, London, and Madrid, and, unfortunately, there will probably be others.

    In these terrible moments, we feel that we are first Europeans, before being French. We will not allow ourselves to become inward-looking, nationalistic or defensive.

    BirdLife International makes solid links between nations and we are proud to be part of this Partnership of organisations. These links make us richer through these cultural differences.

    Many thanks for your expressions of compassion and solidarity.

    Kind regards

    Directeur Général LPO France


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