Dutch women see more films than men do

This video says about itself:

Regen (Rain) is a 1929 documentary by Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens (1898-1989). It is a little over 12 minutes long. There isn’t really a “plot” per se, but the film captures 1920’s Amsterdam before, during, and after a downpour. The quality of the images is quite good in this restored version which uses Hanns Eisler‘s music, “14 Arten den Regen zu beschreiben”, Op. 70 (1941) (Fourteen Ways of Describing the Rain).

This new musical score from 1941 (for the 1932 version of this documentary – for which Lou Lichtveld had already written a score -) is quite interesting in itself, not only because Eisler dedicated it to his old teacher Arnold Schoenberg.

Dutch cinema paper De Filmkrant, November 2015, page 5, reports about who went to see movies in the Netherlands in the 2014-2015 season.

It turned out 60% of moviegoers were women. For films made in the Netherlands (20.9% of total cinema business), it was even 74%.

Dutch women went 3.3 times a year to a film, men 2.2. For the 16-25 years old age bracket it was highest, 6,6%. For over 65 people it was lowest, 1,5%. 83% of moviegoers go 1 to 4 times a year.

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