Refugees ill-treated in Bulgaria

This video from Britain says about itself:

UK: Hundreds of pro-refugee protesters march on Downing Street

12 November 2015

Over 500 pro-refugee protesters marched on London’s Downing Street, Thursday, to decry British Prime Minister David Cameron’s policy on migrants and asylum seekers.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Oxfam: Bulgaria mistreats refugees

Today, 11:51

Refugees traveling through Bulgaria are regularly mistreated by the authorities in that country. This says a report by human rights organization Oxfam. They are said to be beaten, shot at and robbed.

The report was written after interviews with 110 migrants, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These are refugees who try to reach Western Europe by land. They came into Bulgaria via Turkey.

A number of migrants had to deal with physical violence by the Bulgarian police and attacks by police dogs. Others said they were extorted.

Stefano Baldini, Oxfam’s director for South East Europe, believes that the European Union should intervene to ensure that human rights are safeguarded. “The testimonies are representative of the situation in Bulgaria.”


In the British newspaper The Telegraph an Afghan immigrant says that he has been imprisoned without reason and had to bribe the police for 400 euros to be released again. Another man was mistreated because he had no papers on him. A policeman hit him with a gun in his face.

An Afghan man who wanted to cross the border between Bulgaria and Serbia told The Associated Press that one policeman hit him with tree branches. In another incident, a Bulgarian \policeman is said to have put a gun to the head of a refugee and to have robbed him of his money, cell phone and other valuables.

Two refugees said they had to pay 2,500 euros to be smuggled into Bulgaria, but on arrival there they were transferred to the police. To avoid being arrested, they had to bribe the officers for 200 euros. When their group later fled into the woods, the police opened fire on them. Two persons were injured.

Last month, Bulgarian police shot dead an Afghan man who had entered the country via Turkey.

5 thoughts on “Refugees ill-treated in Bulgaria

  1. It feels odd to check “like” for such dismal information about Bulgaria’s inhumanity toward the refugees in its midst, but it’s so important for such information to be shared, highlighted, and condemned or it will only continue unabated.


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