‘Get Oxford, England colonialist Cecil Rhodes statue away’

This 2015 video series from Oxford University in England is called Why must Rhodes fall?

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Students call for end of statue to imperialist

Friday 6th November 2015

OXFORD students will demand today the removal of a statue of the Victorian arch-imperialist Cecil Rhodes from the university after 1,500 signed a Rhodes Must Fall petition.

Campaigners will gather at Oriel College, where the statue of its imperialist benefactor Cecil Rhodes stands, after being being inspired by a similar movement in South Africa.

Mr Rhodes carved out colonies all across southern Africa and the large territory now split between Zambia and Zimbabwe was named Rhodesia in 1895 in his honour.

Students have called the statue “a veneration not only of the crimes of the man himself, but of the racist imperial legacy on which Oxford University has thrived.”

Student and organising member of Rhodes Must Fall Oxford Charlotte Ezaz told the Star: “Unless we condemn this iconographic veneration we become complicit in perpetuating colonial narratives.”

Rhodes statue in Oxford

This photo shows the Rhodes statue in Oxford at an Oriel College building. That building is called the Rhodes Building. The statue’s caption underneath it, in Latin, praises the ‘munificence’ of Cecil Rhodes.

The statue of Cecil Rhodes at an Oxford college is to remain in place despite student protests after donors threatened to withdraw millions of pounds in funding if it was removed: here.

3 thoughts on “‘Get Oxford, England colonialist Cecil Rhodes statue away’

  1. Under the guise of superiority the British establishment became committed to what is commonly known as colonization? it is unusual to say trespass or occupation? nevertheless these are criminal acts of our fathers as far as those who governed us, the fact that the British Parliament has not acknowledged this as a outstanding criminal act of institutional corruption by a country that should have known better, and did know this was a criminal act chose not to see this.
    It is not possible to put the egg back when the shell is broken, my point is the wealth gained by the western powers should have been shared in time rather than the wealth compounded into militaristic hardware of continued oppression, this is the crime that requires to be addressed.
    Whilst I as a individual have no other choice than whilst I am alive to continue to address the evils of the British Establishment, in the hope of influencing albeit how ever small this may be individuals who are either on the fence or do not desire to know the historical crimes of the British elite, this includes those who are all supporting a corrupt government? that is the main offenders being the financial elite, police on all levels of departments, corporations, monarchy, local councils, Whitehall, parliament, universities, scientists, psychological institutes, military, legal, media, sport, are all contributors to oppression to either a larger extent or lesser.
    This list is by no means complete one area of culpability who are all part of a contribution wittingly or otherwise is the lower and middle classes.


  2. Saturday 30th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    AN OXFORD University college rejected calls yesterday to pull down the statue of leading British colonialist Cecil Rhodes.

    Rhodes was prime minister of the British empire’s Cape Colony, including South Africa, in the early 1890s.

    Campaigner group Rhodes Must Fall launched a petition demanding the statue’s removal, saying it represented racism and oppression.

    But Oriel College said that after “careful consideration” it had decided to keep the statue.

    It has been reported that donors have threatened to withdraw gifts and bequests worth more than £100 million if the statue is removed.

    However, an Oriel spokesman insisted that the financial implications were “not even a major factor” in the decision.

    Rhodes Must Fall branded the decision “outrageous, dishonest and cynical” and vowed to “redouble their efforts.”



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