British Big Business lies on European Union

This video says about itself:

Anti-corruption group rounds on EU over lobbying, conflicts of interest and closed-door culture

24 April 2014

The European Union has come under serious criticism in a report by the anti-corruption group, Transparency International.

The organisation’s investigation entitled, The EU Integrity System, found lax regulation of lobbying and poor enforcement of the EU‘s own ethics rules. But the report reserved its toughest criticism for the European Parliament, complaining of a lack of cooperation with its probe into MEP’s conflicts of interest.

By Luke James in Britain:

Leak reveals CBI‘s campaigning for EU membership

Thursday 5th November 2015

BIG-BUSINESS lobbying group the CBI was embarrassed yesterday by a leak of secret documents about its campaign to keep Britain in the European Union.

Minutes marked “confidential” from a meeting of the CBI president’s committee held in July were revealed by the Vote Leave campaign.

The CBI has publicly claimed that it will back neither the In nor Out campaigns in the forthcoming referendum on EU membership.

But the documents reveal how the CBI, which has been handed more than €1 billion (£700 million) by the European Commission in the last five years, plans to “step up” its campaign to stay in.

They show that president Sir Mike Rake urged his successor Paul Drechsler to “use [the] CBI’s influence to keep us in,” despite the fact that 81 per cent of the firms it represents having rules banning partisan political campaigning.

Trade Unions Against the EU spokesman Brian Denny said: “These huge companies are riding roughshod over the law to defend their financial and political interests, which chime so closely with those of the corporate-run European Union.

“The EU was always designed to represent the direct interests of capital against those of the people, regardless of whatever spin has been put on it over the decades.”

Sir Mike called in May for workers’ rights to be rolled back as part of EU reform, claiming: “More flexibility leads to more employment.”

But CBI boss John Cridland stepped back from that stance this week, warning that including workers’ rights in EU talks would stir up a “hornets’ nest.”

The minutes also reveal that the CBI has received presentations from two Tory government ministers — Francis Maude and Greg Hands.

THE CBI bosses’ club has criticised the Working Time Directive more than any other European Union policy, research revealed yesterday. An analysis of CBI press releases shows it issued 65 pro-EU statements between September 2014 and September 2015. By comparison, the big business lobbying group issued just 13 criticising EU policy over the same period: here.

DAVID CAMERON sparked fresh fear yesterday that watered-down workers’ rights will be part of his price to keep Britain in the European Union: here.

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