Goldcrests, avocets and ships

Maasvlakte, container ship, 24 October 2015

On 24 October 2015, to the Maasvlakte, west of Rotterdam; as this blog reported earlier. We were there for birds, but saw many ships as well. Like this ship on its way to Rotterdam harbour; some of its containers had gone out of balance during the journey.

Maasvlakte, containers on ship, 24 October 2015

Some containers were still where they were supposed to be.

A great black-backed gull on a jetty.

Maasvlakte, female goldcrest, 24 October 2015

As we walked back to the parking lot, there were a few goldcrests in bushes.

At another spot, a grey seal swimming in the sea.

Maasvlakte, ferry, 24 October 2015

Still more ships.

A kestrel on a lamppost.

Common scoters flying off the coast.

We come to a place called the Slufter of the Maasvlakte. Many shelducks there.

Maasvlakte, avocets, 24 October 2015

And about 100 avocets: sometimes flying, sometimes resting.

On the south side of the Maasvlakte, you could see seals on a sandbank from a hide. And oystercatchers.

Maasvlakte, female chaffinch, 24 October 2015

Much closer to the hide, this female chaffinch.

This video is about a male and a female chaffinch in winter in Britain.

Still further, near the north coast of the Oostvoornse meer. A curlew calls.

Maasvlakte, starlings, 24 October 2015

Flocks of starlings on treetops.

Along the footpath to the hide of Hoekje Jans nature reserve, common self-heal flowers. A pheasant calls.

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