Four-year-old refugee child murdered in Germany

This video says about itself:

Out in the cold: Refugees in Berlin | DW News

14 October 2015

Many refugees who make it to Europe end up in Germany. And the government is struggling to register them all. That means long outdoor waits for people trying to get refugee status, at a time when the weather is getting cold.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Kidnapped refugee boy found dead

Today, 14:28

Police in Berlin have found the body of four-year-old Mohamed, who disappeared early this month from the registration center for refugees in the German capital. The mortal remains of the boy were in the trunk of a car. A man of 32 years of age was arrested; he is suspected to have kidnapped the child. …

Mohamed came to Germany from Bosnia with his mother and two sisters.

Why did the mother of little Mohamed lose sight of him at the registration center for refugees in Berlin?

NOS TV writes (translated):

At the State Office for Health and Social Affairs his family lost sight of him because of the pushing.

Hundreds of refugees are waiting there every day for registration. According to the German news agency DPA there every morning a few people get injured by the pushing when the office opens.

So, apparently, the registration office is too small and too few people work there for often traumatized refugees from wars to register comfortably and safely.

And if the waiting refugees at that office have bad luck, then they get beaten up by private ‘security’ mercenaries of mercenary corporations. Corporations who sometimes employ refugee-hating neo-nazis.

And now, the chaos at that office has made it possible for a criminal to abduct and murder a little child. Of course, the perpetrator of this crime is guilty. But the bad circumstances for registering refugees in Berlin are certainly also guilty to a certain extent.

Little Mohamed and his family are from Bosnia. Where there was bloody war, including NATO ‘humanitarian’ intervention. Where the wounds of that war have not healed yet. Where there is grinding poverty and hunger. However, German Minister De Maizière has said that he wants to send refugees from so-called ‘safe’ countries back to those so-called ‘safe’ countries. De Maizière named Afghanistan, where NATO has just bombed the only hospital of Kunduz city into bloody smithereens, a ‘safe’ country. He claims that Bosnia is safe too.

In the closed-minded view of De Maizière and his ilk, whenever NATO soldiers invade some country, that country miraculously becomes a ‘safe country’.

So, there is a sad probability that the Berlin authorities may reject the applications for asylum of the mother and sisters of little Mohamed. While they cry for their cruelly murdered son and sibling, they may be forcibly returned to the ‘safe’ place which they fled.

UPDATE: the German suspect of this crime has confessed having killed another little boy earlier.

THE QUESTIONS REFUGEES ASK WHEN THEY GET TO EUROPE “Connecting with family is a top priority for newly arrived refugees who want their loved ones to know they are safe. IRC staff direct people to cafes and restaurants that provide WiFi free of charge.” [HuffPost]

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