105-year-old Afghan woman’s flight from Kunduz to Sweden

Bibihal Uzbeki in a refugee camp in Croatia, photo: AP

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

105-year-old Afghan woman from Croatia on her way to Sweden

Bibihal Uzbeki will not live there for many years, but her goal is Sweden. Together with her son of 67, her grandson of 19 and fifteen family members she is heading to the northern European country. Bibihal Uzbeki according to her documents is 105 years old.

In the refugee camp in Croatia, she was interviewed by a reporter from The Associated Press. Her papers are verified by the Croatian police. She is indeed as old as her papers say, says her grandson. There is no independent source.

All the luck in the world

“My legs hurt, but everything else is fine,” she says. Three weeks ago she left from Kunduz, the Afghan city where Dutch a few years ago were training the police and which was taken a few weeks ago by the Taliban. Since then, her home town is again a battleground in the Afghan civil war.

Including the bombing of the only hospital by the United States air force.

During her flight, Bibihal is sometimes carried by her son or her grandson. They have had many problems and she fell several times. “I have scars on my head,” she says. Her hands tremble as she speaks.

Shortly after the interview with the journalist her grandson carries Bibihal to the train, heading for the next stop in Slovenia. The Red Cross in Croatia wishes the family “all the luck in the world.”

44 thoughts on “105-year-old Afghan woman’s flight from Kunduz to Sweden

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