German nazi hooligans protected by police

This November 2014 video says about itself:

The Gestapo and Nazi torturing and killing building, Cologne (Germany)

This is the infamous EL-DE Haus that was uses by the Gestapo for interrogation, torturing and killing of the prisoners, located in Cologne.

Just after in Cologne in Germany a neo-nazi almost succeeded in murdering the now newly elected mayor and four other human beings, news from that city about the would-be killer‘s fellow nazis.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Germany: Police use water cannon to keep anti-fascists away

Monday 26th October 2015

by Our Foreign Desk

GERMAN police attacked anti-fascist protesters in Cologne with water-cannon blasts yesterday as they sought to keep them away from a far-right demonstration.

Thousands of police officers in riot gear were deployed as Hooligans Against Salafists (Hogesa) — a group launched in 2014 to bring together neonazis and football hooligans into a single movement — rallied to mark one year since it led a riot in the city that saw 44 police officers seriously injured.

The Islamophobic Pegida organisation’s Cologne affiliate Kogida staged rallies alongside it, but the fascistic groups — well-known for reviving nazi chants such as “Germany for the Germans” — were outnumbered by the left. Police estimated about 23,000 people were demonstrating for one side or the other and were taking no chances, with a helicopter monitoring the demos from above and an armoured bulldozer at the ready.

Eyewitnesses said the hooligans had managed to smuggle fireworks through police lines and were setting them off, though it was unclear if they were being aimed at officers as happened last year. Clashes between the fascists and anarchists of the Black Bloc were reported at Barmer Square.

The Hogesa rally itself — confined to the area around the Deutz train station by judicial order — attracted about 1,000 people, about a fifth of last year’s turnout. Frankfurter Allgemeine reporter Reiner Burger noted that despite appeals for demonstrators who were “ideally not intoxicated and had no criminal record,” it was “not easy to find enough people who meet these requirements” at the demo.

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