Norwegian hiker discovers ancient Viking sword

This November 2015 video says about itself:

During a fishing trip in 2012, Gøran Olsen discovered something between stones at Haukeli. The find is now at the University Museum, and appeared to be a single-edged Viking sword with an estimated date in the first half of the Viking Age (c.800-950).

The find spot is located in the mountains, along an old route between Eastern and Western Norway. Viking Age single-edged swords area particularly frequent in Western Norway, most often in graves, but this example is particularly well preserved. Viking Age graves in the mountains are rare, especially in this area, although one of the most numerous Iron Age grave fields is located not far away, in Røldal. Viking Age graves would normally be located closer to the farm.

The sword will be treated by the University Museum for a few months and eventually displayed in the Viking Age exhibitions. The find spot will be further investigated, hopefully to reveal some of the history behind its rare location and to find out if it came from a grave or not. This will provide information on the exploitation of this mountain area in the Viking Age. The investigations will probably take place during 2016, when the snow is gone.

From The Local in Norway:

Hiker finds 1,200-yr-old Viking sword in Norway

Published: 21 Oct 2015 07:35 GMT+02:00

A hiker travelling the ancient route between western and eastern Norway found a 1,200-year-old Viking sword after sitting down to rest after a short fishing trip.

The sword, found at Haukeli in central southern Norway will be sent for conservation at the University Museum of Bergen.

Jostein Aksdal, an archeologist with Hordaland County said the sword was in such good condition that if it was given a new grip and a polish, it could be used today.

“The sword was found in very good condition. It is very special to get into a sword that is merely lacking its grip,” he said.

“When the snow has gone in spring, we will check the place where the sword was found. If we find several objects, or a tomb, perhaps we can find the story behind the sword,” he said.

He said that judging by the sword’s 77cm length, it appeared to come from 750-800AD.

“This was a common sword in Western Norway. But it was a costly weapon, and the owner must have used it to show power”, he said.

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