Canadian Conservative Stephen Harper, buh bye!

This music video from Canada, by Helen Austin, says about itself:

Harper Song (Canadian Lies) – Parody

22 September 2015

After several requests I have uploaded this song here too. We need a change in the Canadian Government and this song mentions just some of the reasons why.

1 Not so long ago I can still remember how this country used to make me smile
But Steve knew if he had the chance he’d make it all about finance
And hoped we wouldn’t notice for a while
He went ahead no questions asked and all the bills that he has passed
were bad news for the climate and he kept the scientists quiet
It really makes me want to cry how he treats the veterans and retired
can’t speak without it being a lie, it makes us terrified

Bye bye Mr Harper goodbye
With your psychopathic ways and your evil eyes
If you had your way you’d bleed Canada dry
As a leader you don’t qualify
So Mr Harper goodbye

2 He renamed the government and on the jets he overspent
And doesn’t seem to care
He lets our economy collapse while loosing billions of our cash
He just can’t seem to find it anywhere
We know that Steve he loves his oil
to get it he will wreck our soil
he loves his pipeline plans and he doesn’t give a damn
He’s a greedy grey haired, smiling schmuck
Bu we hope he’s run out of luck cause he really doesn’t give a F$%K
we must toss him aside


3. Over 10 years you’ve been prime minister and expenses grow on your senators
you said you didn’t know
When Duffy he stood up in court and said by Nigel he’s been bought
and all the accusations start to flow
you won’t answer questions unless we pay cause you’ve got nothing left to say
The courtroom’s been adjourned and you don’t even look concerned
How many times can you break the law and carry on as before
and now you want to go to war, can we get off this ride


4. So I think that we can all agree we really need our CBC
And not a state-run radio
And C51 what the heck, we need to protest so don’t forget
the people are the ones you’re working for
So where we go to vote, fair elections say they can’t promote
no signage anywhere, you really think that’s fair
So no more Harper government, that name will be irrelevant
back to a name more permanent, that belongs to Canada


October 19th is the day that we can go and ask for change
I hope we have some happy news
Together we all need to vote to so we can have a little hope
Proportional representation’s what we need
In the city streets we’re all aware that kids need help not the millionaires
the votes have all been stolen, this system is so broken
The people I admire the most are the ones that help the poorer folks
Give refuge to the ones with hopes
We need to feel some pride.

Bye bye Mr Harper goodbye
With your psychopathic ways and your evil eyes
We won’t let you bleed Canada dry
So Mr Harper goodbye

Canadian Conservative Stephen Harper has lost the election, and has meanwhile resigned as Conservative party leader.

Here is a New York Times article called Top Issues in the Canadian Election.

Some differences between election winner Justin Trudeau of the Liberal party, and Harper, not mentioned in the New York Times article: contrary to Harper, Trudeau is not a climate change denialist. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says his party would end Stephen Harper’s ‘war on science’: here.

By Joshua Keating today:

The Liberals opposed Canadian airstrikes against ISIS, which Harper’s government expanded into Syria in March. …

Even if Trudeau ends Canada’s contribution to the air war, he may end up increasing his country’s involvement in Iraq if he follows through on a pledge to send more Canadian personnel to train Iraqi forces. …

Trudeau has also said he would withdraw the country’s plans to buy Lockheed’s troubled F-35 fighter jet.

CANADA TO PULL OUT OF FIGHT AGAINST ISIS New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is withdrawing Canada from the coalition fighting the Islamic State. [Reuters]

CRACKS ARE SHOWING in the US-led war against Syria after Canada pulled out of the illegal military adventure. New Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made good on his election pledge to end Canada’s involvement in a phone call with US President Barack Obama on Tuesday: here.

CANADA’S new Liberal government has promised to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year and cancel an order for US fighter jets. In a jibe at his authoritarian Conservative predecessor Stephen Harper, PM Justin Trudeau declared: “Government by cabinet is back”: here.

Important sections of Canada’s ruling elite, including the Conservative Official Opposition and much of the corporate media, have been calling on Trudeau to renege on his election pledge to withdraw the CF-18s: here.

The scale of the popular repudiation of Stephen Harper’s right-wing Conservative Party government in Monday’s Canadian election surprised the political establishment and the corporate media both in Canada and internationally: here.

Articles, critical of both Liberals and Conservatives, are here and here.

Just days after proposing that the federal government become more of a “profit-center” by selling Senate seats, multi-millionaire investor, reality television star, and inveterate blow-hard Kevin O’Leary announced he is a candidate to lead Canada’s Conservative Party: here.

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