‘Tony Blair is a war criminal, more evidence’

This video from Britain says about itself:

Send him to the Hague! Tony Benn on Blair‘s ‘war crimes’ (FULL INTERVIEW)

20 December 2013

Former Labour cabinet minister and Stop the War Coalition President Tony Benn talks to the host of Going Underground, Afshin Rattansi, about the alleged war crimes of Tony Blair. He shares stories of intelligence goings on during his time as an MP, featured in his memoirs, including a threat to assassinate him if he ever became Prime Minister. They also discuss voter apathy and how austerity could lead to fascism on the streets of Britain.

By Luke James in Britain:

Memo ‘exposes more Blair lies

Monday 19th October 2015

A LEAKED memo that revealed Tony Blair’s determination to drag Britain into the Iraq war is further evidence the former PM should be tried for war crimes, campaigners said yesterday.

The previously secret document exposed that Mr Blair was privately planning for war a year before the invasion while telling voters that he was seeking a diplomatic solution.

The memo was penned by then secretary of state Colin Powell for former president George Bush on March 28 2002 — a week before Mr Blair met Mr Bush in Texas.

It reveals that he had already given assurances that Britain would join action — months before the “dodgy dossier” about Iraq’s non-existent chemical weapons.

Mr Powell wrote: “Blair knows he may have to pay a political price for supporting us on Iraq and wants to minimise it.

“Nonetheless he will stick with us on the big issues.”

A spokesman for Mr Blair claimed the memo’s content was consistent with what he had said publicly before.

But Stop the War Coalition convener Lindsay German told the Star: “I think it’s another reason why he should be sent to the Hague as a war criminal.

“I think it’s absolutely disgraceful. He did this without recourse to the British Parliament or his own party.”

The Mail on Sunday called for the Chilcot inquiry to be reopened in light of the revelations.

Ms German said though that the inquiry, launched in 2009, had already “spent years not producing a report.”

She said: “The real thing is that he should be referred to the court in the Hague and let’s see what the evidence is against him.

“I think any honest assessment will show that there’s a lot of evidence for him to be tried as a war criminal.”

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