20 thoughts on “Economist Piketty, inequality discussed in new book

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  2. Here in Australia possible the dumbest culture in the world as a example our new guru the Prime minister of Australia having made a big money in his insider trading at Goldman Sax banking defrauding millions of people their money to be further rewarded being paid out by taxpayers the new contemporary slaves of the 1% super rich, and having insider information on IT stocks and depositing his ill gained wealth in the Cayman Islands, the suckers the general public have a perception that if some one can make a personal fortune will have the ability to create good fortune for this country this failure to understand is it is his further ambition to make money and acquire fame for himself, not only the public being duped but Turnbull is promoted by most if not all TV presenters as being our savior rather than a opportunist feathering his families financial egg nest.


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