Canadian elections, Adbusters video

This Adbusters video from Canada says about itself:

1 September 2015

Most Powerful Attack Ad Ever! Based on an actual incident, by Adbusters.

Adbusters write about this:

For generations, we Canadians were seen as peacekeepers, as mediators and as the inspired environmental stewards of a vast country — for much of the 20th century we were a force for good in this world. We wore the Maple Leaf with immense pride, and were welcomed everywhere with open arms. You may remember American travelers wearing our flag patch on their backpacks to protect themselves from scorn.

Today Canada has lost its purpose, lost its soul. Wearing the Maple Leaf is no longer a badge of honour. After nine years in office, Stephen Harper has decimated Canada’s reputation on the world stage. We are no longer the proud nation we used to be.

With the upcoming federal election, we have a chance to change all that.

Give Steve the Heave, October 19 Adbusters has crafted a powerful and controversial 30-second TV spot, based on an actual incident, to spark a deeper nationwide conversation about what it means to be Canadian. Our strategy over the next few weeks is to give millions of Canadians an honest, unflinching wake up call.

A commenter on YouTube wrote about this:

Someone in one of my groups suggested this was a little ‘over the top’ ….. Possible I guess, maybe a little, but it is how a large part of the world views us now, seriously! Harper has absolutely done the best job in making Canada/Canadians unpopular and disliked, in the same way he has disgraced us regarding the environment, the hellish attacks by police during the G20 in Toronto, the treatment of First Nations, specifically regarding the Kelowna Accord, and their general neglect, manipulation, and extreme abuse re their housing, water, schools, living conditions etc. – the bombing of Libya and killing how many innocents?, involving us in wars we have no business in.

And now – Syria and the refugees ….. and even with provinces, cities and towns offering to take in various numbers – he stands there, his hatred almost palpable while he smirks when talking about ‘being cautious and keeping Canada safe’. IMO It’s only ‘over the top’ until you start thinking about the hellacious abuses he has subjected Canada – and us to!

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